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Clipping an Annual's flower

Is there any good reason to clip an inflorescence of an annual sundew? I'm referring to Drosera indica I have in a greenhouse, they have been doing marvelous and aren't quite huge yet, I'm wondering if I should clip their tiny flowers now?

The plants feed fairly regularly on the insects of the greenhouse and are 5-6 inches in height.
The temperatures are around 50-60 at night and 80-100 during the day.
I don't see why you would clip it. If they are fed well at that size the flowers should develop very well.
Not to mention the fact that since it's an annual, it might die even if you chop off the flowers. If that happens, you might extend its life a little by cutting the blooms, but not for too long. Annuals also tend to make a lot of seeds, and if it regularly is feeding, it should grow its flowers well.
i clip flowers on some dews so that the seeds do not end up in every other pot ,