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3 Furcraea parmentieri bulbils (aerogrower $2)

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Dec 6, 2014
San Carlos, CA
Hopefully it isn't too late to post these guys. I just got an ID recently. Furcraeas are close relatives of Agaves. These plants are apparently hardy to about 25 F, although I don't know anything about this particular clone. Tropicos lists this species as from 2000-3000 m. So I'm betting they are cool growers.

Opening bid is $2. Shipping is an additional $3. U.S. only. Since I assume these are pretty stable, I'll ship them in a First Class Parcel. The winner should PM me for Paypal information for the shipping.

Here are the 3 bulbils. One has a few roots, and I understand these are extremely easy to get to produce roots, even when desiccated and almost dried up (which these are not).

And here is one of the plants they came from (there were two that had bloomed and had produced the bulbils). Actually, the rosette that produced the inflorescence is likely the dead leaves. The plants are monocarpic.
A non-dangerous Agave-like plant (flexible leaves, no sharp tips):

The inflorescence--in front of a tree, so a little hard to see.

A region of the inflorescence, zoomed in, some the bulbils are visible hanging down.

The source of these is slightly questionable, so a benefit auction is a good place for these... I went to sit down outside the SF Botanical Garden and noticed the plants, post-blooming, and full of bulbils. I knew that Agave attenuata does this, and I assumed these were also Agaves. I was later corrected. Bulbils were everywhere--on the grass and on the ground surrounding these plants. I understand each one makes thousands, and I'm sure those on the grass would ultimately get chopped by lawnmowers. Tons of these guys would clearly go to waste. This was outside the botanical garden, in front of the County Fair building. Still it was in Golden Gate Park. Is it OK to take these? Technically probably not, but I'm sure the gardeners would appreciate people helping clean up.
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