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Give Away Passiflora foetida giveaway--only a few seeds

The giveaway is for a set of 5 seeds, to 3 people. Completely free.

A friend just sent me some seeds. Passiflora foetida has gotten attention as potentially having some characteristics of a carnivorous plant. Sticky bracts surround the buds, flowers and fruit. No real evidence has been shown of the plants deriving nourishment from any bugs that are "caught", and I think the consensus right now is that it is not a carnivorous plant. There is a detailed article here, on "Protocarnivorous Plants", with photos of Passiflora foetida.

Regardless of whether or not it's carnivorous, it's a cool plant. It can be grown as an annual, flowering and fruiting in its first year, at least in climates with a sufficiently long growing season. Fruits are tiny, but edible, and apparently tasty.

My friend tells me she has never seen a trapped insect.

It looks like I have about 25 seeds, not including a couple that got crushed in transit--sent protected with 1 layer of bubble wrap. I'm hoping the rest are OK. I'm keeping a few to try here.

The seeds could have come from any one of three varieties she grows, or perhaps crosses between them. I believe she said one of the 3 is likely a hybrid with Passiflora sublanceolata.

I'll send these in a coin case, to protect the seeds from crushing. Feel free to combine this with the Aristolochia seeds I'm also posting, if both are available.

They came in a bit of goo, so I'm drying them, and trying to get a look at whether others may have damage. So far I don't see anything obvious.

Passiflora foetida seeds .jpg
(the two crushed ones are on the left)
One P. foetida left. Camden M and Tigerscott79 are interested in both Aristolochia gibertii and P. foetida seeds.

I seem to always miss your give-aways!

If you have extra passiflora seeds, I'd like some. :)

Thanks for being so generous!