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The plants listed below are the ones I currently have available for trade. My want list is at the very bottom of my growlist. Please PM me if interested, don't list offers below.

Drosera :
binata dichotoma - Giant Form
binata multifida
capillaris - Santa Rosa Co. FL
rotundifolia - Rockingham Co. NH
rotundifolia - Little Woahink, OR
rotundifolia - Big Lagoon, CA
rotundifolia - S.Fallsburg, NY
spatulata - Pink Flower
X "Marston Dragon" (binata dichotoma "Giant" x binata multifida 'extrema')

Nepenthes :
albomarginata - SG, Gunung Gadang X 4 - Small Seedlings
ampularia - Dark Red - Small to Large Seedlings
bicalcarata - Brunei Red Flush - BE 2 Growth Points
mirabilis - Medium SG
mirabilis echinostoma - SG X 2 - Large Seedlings
rafflesiana - Giant - BE
reinwardtiana - SG, Red - Small Seedlings
sumatrana - Small Seedlings
ventricosa - 6" plant with several pitchers
X kuchingensis (ampularia X mirabilis echinostoma)
X ventrata - Rooted Cuttings

Pinguicula :
moranensis - Small Plants
X 'Titan'

Sarracenia :
alata - Green
leucophylla - Santa Rosa Co, FL
rubra rubra - Local trades only please.
X 'Judith Hindle'
X 'Lady Bug'

Utricularia :
calycifida - 'Yog Sethoth'

I will add updates as they become available.
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I am looking for D. rotundifolia and D. capillaris. Would you be interested in pings?