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  1. CorneliusSchrute

    Shipping Helis in the Winter?

    I am thinking about trying some Heliamphora, but wonder if I should wait until spring to have some shipped to me. Do they do alright being shipped with the threat of cold?
  2. JMatt

    My Hummers giants.

    Not exactly giants at the moment, but the plants overall have tripled in size since the Spring. It's just been too cold outside to get good shots so I did the best I could under T-5's. There are a few baby cuttings I took in the Spring too. The one in the white pot is just too crammed and will...
  3. Nepenthesis

    Dead Sarracenia

    How can I tell if my Sarracenia are dead? I think they're in dormancy right now, but they dried out over the summer with watering only once every few weeks. A few parts were still green and the peat they were in was somewhat moist. The roots were in tact and looked well. I really didn't want...
  4. dueoka

    Looking For Rafflesiana/Ampullaira

    I'm interested in expanding my collection of rafflesiana and ampullaria. Looking for almost all varieties of rafflesiana, ampullaria, or x hookeriana. Cuttings or unrooted basals are fine. I have a handful of rooted cuttings and many plants in need of a trimming, I'm sure we can work something...
  5. uphwiz

    untraded greenhouse wel

    a while back i tried to trade it a way but it never worked out, so as things go in life I am happy to say i finally took the house by the scruff, it was not easy it had to be moved 50 + miles. i couldnt find a rental with a large enough opening to get it inside, so i rented a u-haul travel...
  6. chibae

    Just a few from around the basement

    Grow more lettuce, one of my autumn to winter goals. Grow more hamatas, another goal. Original hamata new hamata, actually I have two new ones but the other hasn't pitchered yet Bellii x Aristo, with a good sized basal. Red Leopard, the plants that has enabled me to trade or give away...
  7. uphwiz

    uphwiz sarracenia update 2013 november

    theyre going to sleep its cool to which go first , i believe my oreophylla goes first , it also starts first in the spring. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ... . . . . . . . . . .
  8. S

    Native Carnivorous Plant Sites on Cornell Univeristy Campus

    I'm a graduate student at Cornell University, and I have heard from school faculty and fellow students that there are several areas on and immediately adjacent to campus where Drosera rotundifolia, Sarracenia purpurea v. purpurea, and Pinguicula vulgaris populations are present. I live right...
  9. CorneliusSchrute

    Sarracenia pot size

    I have traditionally used larger pots for my pitcher plants, and they always seemed to take advantage of the space with extensively long roots. They vary, but the average pot size is about nine inches deep and eight or so across at the top. I feel like the larger pots have been good for...
  10. M

    Happy Halloween Heliamphora :spidersmile:

    I am excited because I moved some spring seedlings onto multiplication medium today: Tim Krug's [glabra x nutans] x xTequila, pulchella Chimanta x [glabra x nutans], nutans x pulchella Akopan, Michael Hardwick's heterodoxa, and my pulchella Akopan, tatei Cerro Duida x [arenicola x ionasii], and...
  11. R

    Does anyone know the state of the Tarnok bog in MS?

    I posted this in another forum, but I thought I'd post it here too. My understanding is that both of the Tarnoks (of S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' fame) have passed. I was just wondering if anyone knew what has become of their bog. This is what I found in a New Orleans florist's newsletter...
  12. N

    Elephant Ears

    Hi, I have some black elephant ear plants that have been growing outside for the summer and now since its getting colder, I assume it is time to bring them inside. I have heard of overwintering them in the bulb form. Here they are right now: What should i do at this point. i live in NJ, winter...
  13. theplantman

    Teaching a class on CPs!!!!!

    Hey guys! I am ridiculously excited because I just pitched an idea for me to teach a class on CPs at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. I know a few staff over there, and since I already exhibit CPs at one of their events the idea went over really well. It will probably be in the spring and...
  14. monkey_Cup

    Drosera viability?

    I have the following drosera and was wondering if they will remain viable: d. natalensis, d. filiformis FL Giant, d. intermedia, d. capillaris long arm. I would like to get big pots and grow them outside next spring. But if the seeds won't remain viable, i need to know that and will get them...
  15. Ohio7

    Need Help with Pink Venus

    My first year with the plant it thrived and this year it clumped like crazy and they all survived this summer. Its getting close to dormancy and I don't think any of the off shoots are going to make it. I thought I was suppose to divide in the spring. Anyways here is a pic, would love some info...
  16. Dexenthes

    Looking for: Drosera capensis and its allies

    Hey guys, I recently moved into a new place and am trying to expand my collection a little more. I really am just interested in getting some little easy to grow plants like D. capensis and the like. I've got some window sill space and am trying to get some Drosera action in the household...
  17. CorneliusSchrute

    Free VFT Seedlings

    These are small guys, about one to two years old. They will be putting on a lot of girth this spring, I am sure though. They aren't much to look at now with fall hitting hard, but they are mostly green with various amounts of red blush in strong light. They are from a mixture of open pollinated...
  18. theplantman

    My greenhouses at work

    I don't know if anyone's seen my intro post but I am a professional research horticulturist in a major university's plant biology department. I manage 2 4,500 sqft greenhouses full of crop plants like corn, sunflowers, rice, millet, and anything else the researchers are interested in. I also...
  19. N

    Do cuttings and leaf pulls have a lower success when done in autumn.

    Do they just rot, or do they still stay dormant till spring... As I have a few Australian Reds to do... these grow well all year round never done them over winter, so I question about the rhizome cuttings as well as the leaf pull. Rhizome's Divisions will pop up I am sure however, I am...