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Free VFT Seedlings


A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
These are small guys, about one to two years old. They will be putting on a lot of girth this spring, I am sure though. They aren't much to look at now with fall hitting hard, but they are mostly green with various amounts of red blush in strong light. They are from a mixture of open pollinated seed from around fifteen different VFTs, i.e. lots of genetic diversity.

I need to clear some space, so they are free to the first person who

1) PayPals me five dollars for shipping and

2) Correctly guesses my favorite Jim Carrey movie.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

We have a winner. The first attempt, mind you!

Congrats to Midnight Sun for winning some nice seedlings and having excellent movie taste. Thanks for playing, too, Wesley.
Awesome! That would be my pick for favorite Jim Carey movie too, so had to guess it. Hope you've seen 'The Science of Sleep' also?

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I will certainly 'pay it forward' in the future!
That's my favorite too but he said it first so I thought I would guess another.

Congrats Midnight!