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Just a few from around the basement


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Grow more lettuce, one of my autumn to winter goals.

Grow more hamatas, another goal.
Original hamata


new hamata, actually I have two new ones but the other hasn't pitchered yet

Bellii x Aristo, with a good sized basal.

Red Leopard, the plants that has enabled me to trade or give away at least eight cuttings. It is now making uppers (intermediates?)amidst a rosette of another seven basals.

Finally a dilemma, I bought this nep when it was much smaller, planning to sell it or use it for trade this fall. Problem is that I have grown attached to it. So the choice now is either proceed with my plans admist my tears, or reopen my closed tank to house it for the winter and early spring. (It summers outside)


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That's the age old Lowlander dilemma... Either dedicate the year-round temperature-space, or part with it in sadness...
where are the argentii? :)
where are the argentii? :)

Not in pitcher right now, I also left out the diatas, the glabrata, the lake poso, the aristo, the aristo x spec, etc, etc, etc although most of them are pitchering