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Sarracenia pot size


A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
I have traditionally used larger pots for my pitcher plants, and they always seemed to take advantage of the space with extensively long roots. They vary, but the average pot size is about nine inches deep and eight or so across at the top. I feel like the larger pots have been good for regulating temperature, thanks to both the greater amount of media and the deeper level of water I was able to put in the tray. Unfortunately all my pots are various, round sizes; now that I am accruing a great number of plants, my setup is not as uniform as I would like.

I am thus thinking about repotting into smaller square pots this spring for uniformity. Will a four or five inch wide and deep pot be much different than the larger pots in regards soil conditions? Also, what is the largest rhizome you would put in a four inch pot? A five inch pot?
I wouldnt downsize their pots but I like to put plants in the biggest pots possible. I think sarrs grow faster in bigger pots. Just my opinion though.
If you use a smaller pot, be sure to reduce the water level they sit in accordingly. I usually keep my single crown plants in 4 inch square pots. With these smaller pots, I tend to change the media every year to keep things fresh. If the plants have multiple growth points, I use gallon sized pots and larger, depending on how big the rhizomes are.
Wish I could be of more help but I think my smallest is 7.5 inch round pot for sarracenia. Ive started moving mine in bigger pots because I like putting multiple plants in together. I would really like to move all my plants into these 24 x 20 self-watering vegetable planters in the spring. I have two right now and I love them!