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  1. glider14

    Growing up fast =]

    got all of these from the NECPS show except for one which ive had longer....the raff. N. raffelsiana N. tentaculata(2 plants in one pot for the price of one plant! what a deal!) both of these pitchers were made under my care. right now its my favorite plant the same pitcher when it first...
  2. vraev

    My nep update + shocking change

    Hey guys, Well...here is a update on my darlings. Bicalcarata: Look at the improvement of pitcher size ;) Ramispina: once again...pitcher size ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARE YOU...
  3. vraev

    Hmm...very interesting.. pitcher lid closing??

    Hi guys, I just got myself a N.mira. its like an inch across. came with pitchers on each of its 5 leaves. I cut off all the old growth that was black... removed some of the black pitchers and left the 2 red pitchers and potted the plant up in a (live LFS (red) top 3 inches = current rooting...
  4. Capslock

    Some unusual neps

    You don't see a lot of N. lavicola. Mine has two growth points each making a lot of pitchers. It's not an "exciting" nep, but I like it: I've moved my plants around for the recent BACPS show, so I took some pics of some that have been hiding. Here's N. ovata: N. globosa enjoying highland...
  5. Nepenthes

    Sehtnepen (Daniel's) Grow List

    Nepenthes (Daniel's) Grow List Looking For: Sibuyanensis x Rafflesiana (or the reverse, I can't recall, but I think EP released some a while back). Lowii x Truncata Spectabilis x Veitchii (lost mine :() Anything interesting :) Cephalotus Follicularis (Regular and Hummers Giant) Nepenthes: N...
  6. L

    N. northiana for trade

    It's a young, pitcherless plant that is growing in a 3 inch pot. I've never gotten it to pitcher for me, but it's healthy and would love a new, possibly more suitable home. I'm looking for... - N. tentaculata - N. hamata - N. singalana - N. jacquelineae - N. mikeii - N. mira EDIT: Also...
  7. MrFlyTrap2

    MrFlyTrap2's grow list

    A work in progress of getting everything recorded.... Carnivorous Dionaea Typical Typical (In Culture) B52 (x2) Low Giant Big Mouth Vigorous Sarracenia Sarracenia alata Sarracenia leucophylla (x3) Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tanok' Sarracenia flava Sarracenia ruba 'Canebrake' Sarracenia...
  8. glider14

    N. mira problem

    hello. i got this guy in may. its recovered from shipping and has 2 beautiful pitcher on it... however...this problem remains. i see no sign of pests. is it light damage? newest leaf! Alex
  9. nepenthes369

    Also looking for N. hamata

    Hi I'm currently hunting for N. hamata. If I have a choice I'd prefer seed grown or cutting from a seed grown plant, but am not bound by this completely. Anyone's help would be GREATLY appreciated. This is what I have to offer (Pretty open on what I'd Trade, even multipuls-possibly: N...
  10. nepenthes369

    Nep369 growlist

    Nepenthes Species: C M R 1. m N. alata, Large Red LHNN C0002 6/10 $35 2. N. albomarginata "Gunung Jerai" Jimmy 4/10 $35 3. N. beccariana SG R3 9/11/11 $50 4. N. bicalcarata Super Red BW 6/10 $120 5. N. boschiana SG EP 10/07 $120 6. N. boschiana (b) SG EP 4/14 7. N. eustachya SG R3 4/25...
  11. Hans Breuer


    sibuyanensis x macfarlanei sibuyanensis maxima x mira x medusa (bellii x sibuyanensis)
  12. glider14

    N. muluensis x lowii

    i got this plant i dont remember if it was last saturday or the saturday before... i also got N. talangensis and N. mira. such amazing color!! Alex
  13. C

    CPsinSC's Grow List

    Aldrovanda Cephalotus follicularis Cephalotus follicularis 'Hummer's Giant' D. californica D. muscipula D. muscipula 'dente' D. muscipula 'red dragon' D. muscipula seedlings - Older Seedling D. muscipula "banded" D. adelae D. scorpioides D. rotundifolia & seedlings D. intermedia D. binata D...
  14. glider14

    New Neps!

    yay! my shippment came in with N. muluensis x lowii, mira, and talangensis! i've got enough info on talangensis... but is there anyone who can tell me a bit more about N. mira and muluensis x lowii?? i cant find much on them. how fast does mira grow and how big can its pitcher get? ill get pics...
  15. A

    AlexF grow list

    Here's my list, it has grown very fast recently and will take it's last fast growth in the next months as I receive a shippment from Wistuba. At the moment there are 71 species, plus 27 comming. Would love to post photos, but can't find a way to do so. Adnata Alata Albomarginata Ampularia...
  16. S


    I thought I'd share some fun pictures tonight. I'm quite happy with the photos despite all of these being common CPs. Nothing rare, expensive, and exotic here, but they still look good. Mira x Grac pretending to be a lantern for the Lunar New Year Giant Tiger and Rafflesiana doing the same...
  17. -=Joel=-

    Joels Growlist

    Drosophyllum Drosophyllum Lusitanicum - Ubrique, Spain Nepenthes (Rokko x Veitchii) x Veitchii Alata Marston Exotics Argentii Aristolochioides G.Kerinci Area Aristolochioides Bical Boschiana Gunung Sakumbang, Kalimantan, Indonesia Burbidgeae Burkei Chaniana x Vietchii Clipeata x Eymae...
  18. E

    eBeyonder's Growlist

    My Growlist (Updated 26 May 2007): Please do not add any replies to this thread. Dionaea Typical │Pic 1│ │Pic 2│ │Pic 3│ Big Mouth │Pic 1│ Bristle Tooth │Pic 1│ Clayton's Red Sunset │Pic 1│ Cross-Teeth │Pic 1│ Fine tooth x red │Pic 1│ Low Giant │Pic 1│ Pink Venus │Pic 1│ Red Dragon │Pic 1│...
  19. P

    N. mira seeds for trade

    approx 15 N. mira seeds for trade. Other nep seeds only
  20. Capslock

    Mid July pics

    We have a heat-wave coming so I thought I'd take some pics while the plants are still happy. Here are some I don't think I've photo'd for a while. First, my N. mira, which has been through hell and back. Finally, it's settling in and growing: Here's N. spectabilis x ventricosa, which took a...