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Some unusual neps

You don't see a lot of N. lavicola. Mine has two growth points each making a lot of pitchers. It's not an "exciting" nep, but I like it:

I've moved my plants around for the recent BACPS show, so I took some pics of some that have been hiding. Here's N. ovata:

N. globosa enjoying highland conditions:

And a couple pics of N. mira. Where are your N. miras, people???


Great pics!! Love the N. Mira and Globosa.
Awesome pics Max. Thx for sharing. :D I always like seeing more Neps.
Great stuff Caps. They all look superbly well grown, as usual. I especially love the N. lavicola. Tha's really not seen very often and I've heard many people have difficulty growing it. The mature pitchers on this species are stunning.
i have N. mira. its now starting to get over its ailment thing. 1 inch pitcher anyone? :D

gorgeous! i have never seen globosa grown as a highlander before-impressive!

all of them are stunning-ovata is amazing!
Where are your N. miras, people
Being about 3mm across grown from a seed :D

But seriously, love the lavicola. I've been wanting one for over a year and apparently I've been having trouble finding one.