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Mid July pics

We have a heat-wave coming so I thought I'd take some pics while the plants are still happy. Here are some I don't think I've photo'd for a while.

First, my N. mira, which has been through hell and back. Finally, it's settling in and growing:

Here's N. spectabilis x ventricosa, which took a break from pitchering when it started to vine:

Here's N. x mastersiana. The latest pitcher is big, and has that great copper color:

N. platychilla is starting to grow nicely, too. Along with a random dew. Still a long way to go with this one:

Finally, here's a nice graceful N. x Rokko upper:

Hey there Capslock. Wonderful plants as always!

I know I've probably asked you this before, but if you'd be so kind, could you tell me how you go about watering all your amazing looking Neps? Do they ever sit in water? How often do you water?

Also, what's the average temperature in your growing area? What about during this upcoming heat wave (which I'm experiencing now as well in ol' Rancho Cucamonga California!)?
Very nice plants Capslock !
spectabilis x ventricosa shure is a beauty !
Mira and spectabilis x ventricosa are really nice. Nice plants!
May your Nepenthes be always blessed!


Caps, that mira is great. I have one, too, and I find it to be a very prolific pitcher-er. Looks like your plant is also!
I water them all by hand with R/O filtered water. It takes me about 20 minutes a day to deal with. My average temps are about 75 day and 58 overnight. A bit cooler in winter.

So far the heatwave hasn't been all that bad. We were about 80 today with 50% humidity. That makes it about 85-90 in the grow room. Any warmer and I'd close the window, reverse the fan, and blow cooler air in from the garage all day.

The flytraps and sarracenia are loving it, however. They struggle in the cold and fog out here usually.

Thanks for the info Capslock. But are your plants ever sitting in water?
Maybe just the tiniest amount after a heavy watering. Most of them, however, are up on another pot so they don't sit in the runoff. Sometimes if I'm leaving for a long weekend, I'll sit them in 1/4 inch of water, but generally they don't sit in water.

As long as your media is airy (meaning not 100% peat or LFS), it shouldn't harm them to sit in some water. The thing is though you don't want them to always be sitting in water. Allow the water to evap before you add more.

If you have more time on your hands though the best method would be to overhead water/mist them like Capslock is.
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Beautiful plants! Love the mira...and did you see all the goo drops on the inside lid of the x Rokko? Niiiice!