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N. mira problem


Always a newbie

i got this guy in may. its recovered from shipping and has 2 beautiful pitcher on it... however...this problem remains. i see no sign of pests. is it light damage?


newest leaf!

It's probally just shipping shock,
it happened to all of mine and they recovered in a few weeks, some recovered in only a few days! It all depends on the simalarity to the conditions and the difficulty of the plant.
Good Luck,
still gorwing the same way. its not a fungus or shock...its the light. all leaves are red now. the only time they are green is when they unfold. its pitchering now better than ever too.

Some of my plants unfurl red leaves which then fade to green (red dragon does this almost constantly). Kind of a bummer.
same with my fusca sarawak... it really is a pity.
well....my mira is growing fine. It doesn't show any of those spots on the leaves though.
My Mira is truly a TC runt. While my other plants of similar size received at the same time have grown, this one continues to give me problems. I just repotted it today in LFS/Perlite because it was still in the mulch/bark stuff that it came with. Anyone have any suggestions for this plant? I heard it was pretty easy? It's not dying or anything, just in super slow-mo mode.
This is mine! Taken a couple of days ago. The pitcher on the right is now open. :)

As you see....its growing in live LFS. Thats it. nothing else. however...under this few inches thick layer....the media is LFS + bark.

Ahh, thx for sharing :). I too have potted some plants with a LFS/Bark mix under the top layer of LFS, and I am waiting to see the results. My best grown plants grow in mainly an orchid/perlite mix with almost no water retention but super root-aeration. I am probably going to repot them in the near future though with some LFS so I don't have to water them so frequently (although I do like it as I have had absolutely no problems with these Neps.