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It's a young, pitcherless plant that is growing in a 3 inch pot. I've never gotten it to pitcher for me, but it's healthy and would love a new, possibly more suitable home.

I'm looking for...

- N. tentaculata
- N. hamata
- N. singalana
- N. jacquelineae
- N. mikeii
- N. mira

EDIT: Also looking for:

- N. talangensis
- N. gymnamphora
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Ah man..

I'd trade you a mira but mine is really small. Small as in...a few mm (I'm growing it from seed).
Dang, that's too bad. Thanks for the consideration though. Do you have any other decent-sized Neps for trade?
I've got a mire that's about 2.5 - 3 inches if you'd like.
I've got a mire that's about 2.5 - 3 inches if you'd like.

That's a possibility. Do you have any pictures?

And by the way, I forgot to add that I'm also looking for the following species as well:

- N. talangensis
- N. gymnamphora



Here it is it's got one pitcher developing on it at the moment (pic 2 shows it the best) and it consists of two basal shoots, other than the lack of other pitchers it's doing real well. let me know if you'd like to trade.
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I would love to try a N. northiana but the only thing I have on yoour list is 3 small N. hamata. These are my babies and will not trade. Oh well.
So is this offer still going or did it end???
Ack! I'm so sorry! I totally forgot about this thread.

The N. mira looks good, but I'm not too sure yet. I think maybe I'll hold off for the moment and see if anyone has any other of my desired species.

Thanks for the pictures though!
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No problem let me know if things change.
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Would you happen to have any of the other plants I'm looking for, besides N. mira?
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Nope Sorry. I wish I had a couple of the others on your list also. I'll have too wait till I have a more ultrahighland suitable grow area or chamber for those , so in the mean while...
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Well if you do decide you would like to trade PM me.
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After some thought I've decided to put this little plant up for trade again. I just don't think it's going to thrive for me.

To reiterate (and to revise a bit): I'm looking for compact growing highland species for my 5 gallon terrarium.