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N. muluensis x lowii


Always a newbie
i got this plant i dont remember if it was last saturday or the saturday before... i also got N. talangensis and N. mira. such amazing color!!



I'm curious to know. What are those green mossy things?
live sphagnum moss.
Cool plant! I highly recommend that more people should try to grow this plant. This inside of the pitcher can turn a really nice shade of purple.
i agree! its quite easy and its got amazing color. right now the 3 neps i got are in plastic baggies until they get adjusted to the temps i have. im opening the bags ever so slightly so they can also adjust to lower humidity. ill update you all as soon as i get my first pitcher of any of them. talangensis will be first. its a race for mira and this one :D
What a beauty!!! Unfortunately not too many people in my area grow neps.... :-(
magnificent. :) amazing! :D
very nice!!!!

what are your conditions at the moment?
well...i dont really know :D the humidity for it and the other 2 neps are at least 70-80 they are in a bag with holes in the top. im getting temperature soon...
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Hi all:

Muluensis X lowii is a superb hybrid. Usually muluensis tends to be a very tricky species to grow since it requires true highland conditions to grow the way it's supposed to!. But this hybrid makes possible for most beginners who live in temperate climates to grow this amazing plant.

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how hardy is it for you Gus? what about speed?
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Muluensis x lowii is a trooper! But a slow one at that. I get 1 new leaf every 3 - 4 weeks. And some heat stress ever since the pitchering started. But still... a trooper nevertheless. It thrives while my ramispina is threatening to croak on me.

It just sits on top of my PC in my bedroom. It's actually very convenient. When I find stray flying insects milling around on my table, I can dispose of them straight into the pitcher and feel pleased that nothing is wasted!

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very nice! :D how long does it take for pitchers to inflate?
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Hi there:

well, they do OK at high temperatures during the day, but they do like their cool nights and decent humidity levels. It's slow but rewarding

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I have 3 pitchers simultaneously inflating at any one time on mine. So, I'd say it's slow. And it takes over a month to go from green to black pitcher.
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I have one that I got in the NASC auction 2 years ago. It's first pitcher just opened. This is one sloooow growing plant for me. It grows along with my other highlanders outside and they are all popping out new pitchers and flower stalks but this Muluensis x lowii is real slooow. ???
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mine is growing pretty fast the new leaf opened today...just a little under 3 weeks its picking up speed. but right now it and N. mira are nothing compared to N. talangensis! new leaf already!