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  1. nightsky

    Humidity and my neps

    I have a growrack that I setup primarily to deliver light to my neps, as I don't get enough natural light from the windows. Secondarily, I use it to keep humidity high. It's normally around 25 - 30% humidity here. I have clear cellophane and mylar encasing it with an automatic humidifier...
  2. H

    hamata (Jonathan) Grow List

    updated: 9/24/10 Plants in bold have had their sex identified Nepenthes Species: alata (t) 2 x ampullaria, BE seed ampullaria cherry ampullaria 53209 'dark w/brown speckles, green peristome ampullaria 53302 'pink w/cherry speckles, green peristome ampullaria 'green pitcher, hotlip'...
  3. nightsky

    Anyone have spec x mira?

    I have one of these on the way, finally. I have yet to see a picture of what they look like though. I imagine it will be fairly colorful. Anyone else growing this one?
  4. Nepenthes

    New Arrivals

    I just got a couple more shipments in recently and wanted to share. I am indeed hopelessly addicted: Inermis x Bongso Inermis x Bongso Pitcher Tobaica Tobaica Pitcher Stenophylla Stenophylla Pitcher Petiolata Petiolata Pitcher Muluensis x Lowii (I had this one before but this is...
  5. B


    Nepenthes: Ramispina Maxima Ventricosa Sanguinea Sibuyanensis Fusca Rajah Spectablis Truncata Tricocarpa (+3 cuttings) Muluensis x Lowii Gymnaphora x Izumiae Tobaica Mira Miranda Trusmadiensis Ephippiata Dionaea Muscipula: Dente Red Dragon Typical Sarracenia: S.levophylla 'white top' Ping...
  6. S

    Will trade Nepenthes for Heliamphora

    It looks like i have exhausted the petiolaris market:-D So now i want to start working on my Heliamphora collection. I have lots of nepenthes to trade, and have most items on my grow list to offer. here is the list of nepenthes I am interested in all heliamphora, even the ones i already have...
  7. Nepenthes

    Some Random Pics

    Just cleaned out one of my tanks a little bit, so I figured I would pull out some plants and take some pics. Here is a particularly dark and purple form of Spathulata. It is so dark inside the pitcher that I had to turn the flash on or else it was just pitch black. When I first got it, it had...
  8. B

    New nep's today!

    So just out of nowhere "been having a itching feeling to get some more nep's for a few days now" I decided to go to the Oregon orchid society spring show 2008 here in Portland. Low and behold there are some new ones I don't have yet there. So anyway I picked up a Mira, Tobaica, and Miranda...
  9. B

    Cleaning out my Collection! Lots of Rarities!

    Hi All, I'm putting up this list- I'm trying to gauge how to go about doing this: I'm hoping to offer the following to those in the general area where I live, near Philadelphia, PA, or anyone who wants to come here from where ever, as I'm pretty sure some would drive a bit for some of these...
  10. Aric

    Care information?

    Im new to CPs and just recently got a ventricosa and I might be doing a trade for some more Nepenthes. My question is what is the care requirements for the ones I might be getting, are any of them a good candidate for a hanging basket next to a window? Heres the list Nepenthes lowii Nepenthes...
  11. Neps_N_Things

    My Short Grow List

    Neps' Grow List Grow List Nepenthes truncata highland (be, clone) ventricosa red x carunculata robusta (ep, seed) "queen of hearts" x "king of spades" robcantleyi (be, seed) densiflora x "king of clubs" (be, seed) veitchii k (ep, seed) lowii x (northiana x veitchii) (ep, seed) bellii x...
  12. CPsam

    Sam's Updated Growlist 3/12/08

    Updated 9/27/10 Cephalotus follicularis Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form) AW heterodoxa x minor heterodoxa x nutans Sarracenia flava flava (little veining) flava cuprea flava ornata “Killer” flava rugelii flava rugelii Appalachicola Clone #1 rubra gulfensis rubra jonesii oreophylla...
  13. vraev

    Indoor plant collection [56k warning]

    Hi guys, I know its been quite a while since I did a photo shoot update of my plants. I have been telling myself that I will not post any pics until either my talangensis pitchers or my rajah pitchers. Well only one of those has happened, so here it is. ;) Hope you enjoy them :) TYPICAL...
  14. vraev

    What's missing for a talangensis to pitcher?

    Hi guys, I have got my talangensis in october 2007. Yet, as of now I haven't got a single pitcher on it. The growth is absolutely healthy. Tendrils extend. Leaves are all same size or getting bigger by little. BTW...the top crown of 5 leaves has been grown in my conditions since I got it...
  15. C

    Trade anybody?

    Hello, I am open to any trades Here is my grow list: N. Rajah N. Mira N. Ventricosa X Inermis N. Truncata Highland N. Ventricosa N. Sanguinea Blood Red (rare in cultivation!) thanks, Adrian
  16. C

    Where to get Bicalcarata?

    Hello, I have a big terrarium with all my nepenthes in it, they are N. Rajah, Sanguinea Blood Red, Highland truncata, Ventricosa x inermis, Mira and Ventricosa.The bottom is gravel, about an inch of peat for the moss to thrive on.(the plants are in pots)Since I know that bicalcaratas love it hot...
  17. DavyJones

    What to buy!?

    Hey guys. I'm looking at buying a new nep, and I can't decide on either a N. Mira, N. Lowii, or N. Sanguinea - Red. All would be small sized plants, I don't really have room for anything huge or expensive. Which ones seem the most interesting?
  18. DrWurm

    DrWurm's Grow list and graveyard :'(

    Dionaea muscipula ---------------------- typical Akai Ryu Cupped Traps Dente/Dentate Sarracenia ---------------------- S. flava 'mixed varieties' S. flava var. rubricorpora S. 'Judith Hindle' S. leucophylla 'Cronus' (aka S. leucophylla 'Titan') S. minor 'Okee Giant' S. moorei x 'Royal Ruby'...
  19. SirKristoff

    Grow list (Updated again)

    SirKristoff's Growlist Nepenthes Species - edwardsiana hamata BE Seedgrown unknown location, original release. hamata Clone 1 AW veitchii Bario Highland Striped seedgrown dubia jamban robcantleyi Nepenthes hybrids - lowii x truncata Original EP release (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x...
  20. DavyJones

    My Growlist

    Please inquire if you're interested in anything. I'm always open to a good trade. Nepenthes N. alba N. ampullaria Bronze Nabire N. ampullaria brunei x harlequin N. ampullaria (Mersing johor Malaysia, 11/28/07) N. x Black Knight N. burbidgeae ---> Pig Hill N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana N. diatas...