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It looks like i have exhausted the petiolaris market:-D So now i want to start working on my Heliamphora collection. I have lots of nepenthes to trade, and have most items on my grow list to offer. here is the list of nepenthes
I am interested in all heliamphora, even the ones i already have.
Nepenthes aristolochioides
Nepenthes burkei
Nepenthes diatas
Nepenthes gymnamphora
Nepenthes jacquelineae
Nepenthes macfarlanei
Nepenthes mikei
Nepenthes ovata
Nepenthes rajah
Nepenthes singalana
Nepenthes spectabilis
Nepenthes tentaculata
Nepenthes argentii
Nepenthes burbidgeae
Nepenthes copelandii
Nepenthes ephippiata
Nepenthes glabrata
Nepenthes izumiae
Nepenthes lowii
Nepenthes maxima
Nepenthes mira
Nepenthes petiolata
Nepenthes ramispina
Nepenthes sibuyanensis
Nepenthes spathulata
Nepenthes talangensis
Nepenthes ventricosa 'Red'

Its strange to think that 99% of my CP collection came from terraforum. Now i need the other one percent.
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