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Neps' Grow List

Grow List

truncata highland (be, clone)
ventricosa red x carunculata robusta (ep, seed)
"queen of hearts" x "king of spades" robcantleyi (be, seed)
densiflora x "king of clubs" (be, seed)
veitchii k (ep, seed)
lowii x (northiana x veitchii) (ep, seed)
bellii x aristolochioides (ep, seed)
eymae x jaquelinae (private grower via Tony P., seed)
rajah x mira (be)
sumatrana x burbidgeae (ep, seed)
spathulata x (densiflora x spectabilis giant) (be)
spectabilis x hamata (Jerimiah Harris, seed)
sibuyanensis x hamata (be, seed)
spectabilis "giant" x veitchii (be)
spathulata x jacquelinae (be)
glandulifera (be)
sibuyanensis x talangensis (be, tc)
burkei x hamata
platychila x vogelii
peltata (Jerimiah Harris, seed)
rajah x jacquelinae (Jerimiah Harris, seed)
talangensis x burbidgeae
veitchii x burbidgeae

Drosera capensis
Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant"

Want List

spectabilis x veitchii (exotica versions)
nice form of burbidgeae
lowii hybrids

Trade List

veitchii k (ep, seed) - rooted cutting
ventricosa red x carunculata robusta (ep, seed) - rooted cutting
bellii x aristolochioides (ep, seed) - rooted basal
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