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  1. C

    which nep is your biggest diva

    Since I grow lowland neps one would think they are all easy but not so.........I would say that to date my biggest diva is probably Mirabilis var echinostoma.....i dont know if they are all diva's or I got a weak clone....it's worse than my northiana but then again the northy is small....i hear...
  2. jafvortex93

    Hello Hello!

    N. Densiflora x Ventricosa question Hello everyone, a few years ago i had to give up all my plants due to a move but the itch has started again and i just ordered an N. densiflora x ventricosa which should be arriving late this coming week. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with...
  3. ps3isawesome

    New Darlingtonia, should i be concerned about soil temperature? Thanks!

    The average humidity during the day is around 50-60% and 70%-80% at night. I've also attached weather forecast for the next two weeks. I use a soil thermometer and it reads around 85degrees under direct sun with no shade. I'll have to remeasure once the temperature hits the 70's is that okay? I...
  4. S

    Update on grow-tent (day/night temp. range)

    I've had my Nepenthes grow tent up for a couple weeks, and I have been recording the day/night temperature to get a feel for what conditions I get with no supplemental heating/cooling. I've been recording the min/max temps for each day, as well as the % humidity (I addressed this in another...
  5. S

    Humidity too low in grow tent

    A couple weeks ago I set up a large (2.5ft wide x 5ft long x 7.5ft tall) grow tent in my apartment for lowland Nepenthes and picked up my exotica plants preorder (~20 plants) from a local nursery here in the northeast. I use an 8-tub, 4ft. long T5 HO fixture, and my light levels and temperature...
  6. G

    Plastic cups over VFTS in the store? kill em or save em?

    Recently I was at my local garden center and was pleased to see a variety of cps ( VFTS, S.purperea, S.rubra, P.primuliflora, D.spathulata. And wouldn't you know it they were all covered in what some refer to as "death domes". The pings were all flowering and the VFTS looked happy, the drosera...
  7. Jcal

    Sundew giveaway.

    I have a few sundews that either are not doing well in my condition or that I have way to many of. Here to spread them around. They are: Adelae giant (all spoken for) none left Hamiltonii (one) spatulata (lots) venusta (few) Binata (lots) Keep in mind that a few of these plants will need some...
  8. M Jacobs

    Regia Help

    Recently I received a drosera regia root cutting and potted it up in a mixture of 1:1 perlite dead LFS. The plant has not done well in the 9 days that I have had it since shipping. Its temps are 82 high and about 70 low. Humidity is probably 75 % minimum (The hygrometer I had broke.) I have had...
  9. fdfederation

    A Cheapskate's Attempt to Grow IPs in Stockton, CA

    Current official weather conditions: Temperature: 101 deg F (actual temperature is probably lower because of trees and grass and shade) Relative Humidity: 13% (actual humidity is probably higher) Nepenthes receive approximately 2 hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon. I mainly water...
  10. T

    Utricularia blanchetii for trade

    I have several portions of this Brazilian Utricularia for trade. This plant has flowered readily for me from the time I received it in January to now and is the most prolific terrestrial utric I have by far, beating out both subulata and bisquamata. The portion you will receive will be taken...
  11. 5

    finally got my t5hos

    I got my t5hos the other day and wanted to know if my humidity and temp ok? I have different types of flytraps, cephalotus, and nepenthes in it.
  12. PsychoSarah

    Senior project consideration

    I was considering making the topic of my senior project the cultivation of carnivorous plants from seed, in which I would measure how light, humidity, soil makeup and moisture, and various fungicides and pesticides impact the growth and germination success of various carnivorous plants. What do...
  13. ps3isawesome

    white fuzz, Drosera filiformis x intermedia, what is it? help! pic included

    Received this plant about 4 days ago. Also I"m curious is it necessary that I put the moss on top? I did that because I was concerned about soil temperature. USDA zone 9B Northern California July average temperature day 75-85 night 55-60 July average humidity day 20-50% night 50-80%...
  14. ps3isawesome

    From California, getting back into my my childhood hobby, with pics of new plants

    Almost done with college so have more time now. Read several books, forum posts, and blogs than decided to do this again. Ideally by the end Nov, I will have a greenhouse set up in my backyard. USDA zone 9B July Temperature Day 75-85 Night 55-60 Humidity Day 20-50% Night 60-80%...
  15. D

    Old leaf tip turning tar black?

    I've had this ventricosa for almost a year now, and it's been doing great. Two lower leaves are yellowing, and I first thought it was just age. A few days ago, however, I noticed that the oldest leaf has a very dark tip to it, as if someone covered it with charcoal dust. All the other leaves...
  16. C

    My growing setup. Any pointers?

    I am new to this, my goal is to get these plants nice and healthy and ready for some extended time lapse sequences in my studio For now, i have them in my workshop, this is the current setup. They seem to be doing ... ok... but im seeing some strange things. The pitcher plants are sort of...
  17. 5

    leaf pulling project.

    Top is. Cephalotus. And bottom is dioneae m. Ginormous. And im keeping them in a kfc go cup with holes on the bottom and filled with perlite. The go cup with its top holds great humidity. Wish me luck!
  18. Radagast


    Hey Folks, Before I decided to post and ask for help I've attempted to do lots of searching, homework, and cannot come up with an explanation for this. About a week ago I woke up one morning and went in to check on my plants (I have my collection on a grow rack. Mainly sub-tropical Drosera...
  19. Nevermore

    Trade.. misc plants

    I am finalizing my "getting out of the inside CP collection business". I had traded/sold off a bunch of helis, neps, and cephs last year after doing a division to two. I held onto a few small stragglers to grow them out a bit before moving them on. I haven't been tending the humidity on my...