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N. Densiflora x Ventricosa question

Hello everyone, a few years ago i had to give up all my plants due to a move but the itch has started again and i just ordered an N. densiflora x ventricosa which should be arriving late this coming week. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this nep in particular. What conditions do you have it thriving (or withering in). If need be i can build an acrylic tank for it but id rather not. I have a south facing window i could place it in, not sure if it would be too hot tho. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm in south florida btw.

Edit: I've begun the terrarium build, I believe that i should have everything cured and ready to go before the nep comes in. I shouldnt need to worry about the relative humidity in the tank but i did create a side hole for the later addition of a mister/humidifier if it becomes necessary. The CFL should provide enough heat to bring day temps to a consistent 80°F and with the location being right next to an air vent for our A/C it should bring it down to below 68°F. Again if the temps dont drop as needed with my theorized idea, the humidifier/mister will supplement the drop. Also left enough room to be able to install a CPU fan from the top to cool it more.
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