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finally got my t5hos

I got my t5hos the other day and wanted to know if my humidity and temp ok? I have different types of flytraps, cephalotus, and nepenthes in it.

Venus flytraps don't need high humidity.
Will all the plants be ok without the top with less humidity.
My rooms humidity is on average 45-50%.
My rooms humidity is on average 45-50%.

Well, I would imagine the tank humidity is a bit higher than that, but if not the plants other than your Venus flytrap would probably like it a bit higher, at about 60% at a minimum
The Dionaea really shouldn't be in there. They need more light than most florescent tubes can provide, and high humidity for them can actually be detrimental.

In addition, Cephalotus and such should be fine outside for you. I've grown them outdoors here in SC in the summer, with temperatures hitting 95+ on most days, and they did fine.

CPs in general aren't as delicate as they seem. :)
Yeah, Venus flytraps really need that natural sunlight. Like sarracenia.