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From California, getting back into my my childhood hobby, with pics of new plants

Almost done with college so have more time now. Read several books, forum posts, and blogs than decided to do this again.

Ideally by the end Nov, I will have a greenhouse set up in my backyard. USDA zone 9B

July Temperature
Day 75-85
Night 55-60

Day 20-50%
Night 60-80%

Nepenthes Ventrata
Drosera filiformis x intermedia
Sarracenia Judith Hindle
Dionea muscipula



Thanks for all the awesome information all of you has provided. I've learned a lot
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Welcome to TF!
Welcome to the forums! I must say, you already have a very nice collection going!
Welcome aboard! That VFT looks pretty big!
Welcome to TerraForums :D Always good to see another grower in the Bay Area
Those look good - wonder how hard getting some of them like the Drosera hybrida and VFT to go dormant is going to be. Should be fun!
Welcome to Terraforums! Your conditions seem perfect for growing highland Nepenthes! Nice pictures.
Welcome to TFs and back into the hobby of growing these wonderful plants. :wave:

you know, I have been doing a lot of research on that subject because that was my top concern. Do you have any advice? Being that I am in USDA zone 9B my plan was to leave them outside and cover it up during extreme weather. Or I may just buy a harbor freight green house.

ya, i was surprised at their size, and apparently it's not adult size yet. soooo i am hoping it'll grow even bigger :)

Plant Planter
Thank you!!, if i don't kill this by the end of this year, i'm hoping to get more plants. and your interactive search is very humorous haha.

cute kitty and thank you for the welcome, amazing photos btw :)
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Hi there, welcome aboard! :)