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I have several portions of this Brazilian Utricularia for trade. This plant has flowered readily for me from the time I received it in January to now and is the most prolific terrestrial utric I have by far, beating out both subulata and bisquamata. The portion you will receive will be taken from here:


I grow this plant in my backyard with temperatures averaging 80-90 during the day and 50s/60s at night, in both 100% humidity and 30% humidity and it thrives in both. In lower humidity the foliage turns very dark and it seems to flower more while in higher humidity the foliage stays green but it doesn't flower as much. The foliage is very delicate and it may look like it is dead after a change in conditions when it is not.

I am mainly looking for Utricularia species not on my growlist but I will consider other species of carnivorous plants as well.
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