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  1. N

    My grow list

    This is what I'm growing out at the moment: Nepenthis: "Lady Luck" from Borneo Exotics (I used to grow more Nep's but they grew way too large for my setup so I found a grower friend to adopt them) Heliamphora's: H. minor var. minor (FTS) H. minor var. minor "Big Orange" H. heterodoxa x...
  2. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  3. Av8tor1

    few misc pics

    a few with my good glass H. glabra: unmistakable nectar spoon, always reminded me of a goose's head a few from the new hybrids: and the pink ceph: thanks for looking, Av
  4. W

    Wrazik's plants from Rybnik, Poland - PHOTO THREAD

    Hello As I'd like to get more into the US growers' community, I decided to share some pictures from my collection here. Enjoy and feel free to comment! (More specific pic descriptions coming soon) H. purpurascens (Ptari) H. minor var. pilosa (Giant clone with hairless strip, Cerro Luna)...
  5. anramitaco

    Macleania chlorosis

    I grow three neotropical blueberries: macleania pentaptera, macleania glabra, and disterigma rimbachii. For the past few months, the m. glabra's leaves have been looking a little chlorotic. New growth looks healthy, flushed with pink, but soon begins to yellow. Otherwise, it grows steadily. Like...
  6. ElectrCarnvrs

    Looking for mature heliamphora pulchella

    Hello there, Looking for heliamphora pulchella heliamphora glabra or Ionassii Have lots of mature heliamphora for trade please pm me Much love, Drew
  7. M

    Heliamphora for trade

    Hello, I have a few nice plants available for trade, looking for other adult Heliamphora, especially exappendiculata from Chimanta with adult pitchers. Please pm me if interested: chimantensis blooming size pulchella Amuri blooming size exappendiculata Apacapa tepui small adult pitchers...
  8. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes hybrids for trade

    Nepenthes burbidgea x platychila Nepenthes ventricosa x ephippiata Both plants are over 12" across and are very fast and robust growers. I'm looking for: Nepenthes : alata - Surigao albomarginata - Penang angasanensis appendiculata argentii - SG argentii - BCP Clones carunculata...
  9. charlie

    looking for H.nutans

    I am looking for H.nutans and I'm not interested in links to wistuba or other nurseries. I am looking for just a small plant also looking for H: tequila, heterodoxa, minor burgundy black, and glabra x nutans or nutans giant though some of those are very rare. thanks???
  10. M

    Heliamphora for trade

    Hello, anyone have an exappendiculata from Chimanta tepui with adult pitchers for trade? This is the only location that I can't get to grow up. I have a very well established 6" tall purpurascens, 6" glabra x nutans, 5" xTequila, many others available for trade. Also interested in folliculatas...
  11. W

    Wrazik's grow list

    HELIAMPHORA 1. H. arenicola (Tramen Tepui) SG 2. H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) 3. H. chimantensis (Chimanta) 4. H. ciliata 5. H. collina (Foothills Testigos) 6. H. exappendiculata (Amuri Tepui) SG 7. H. exappendiculata (Apacapa Tepui) 8. H. exappendiculata (Aprada...
  12. Rookie grower

    Rookie Growers list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  13. Av8tor1

    One large Heliamphora nutans 'Giant' (BJTS $150)

    A very large specimen with multiple growth points. This plant produced several flower stalks during the last flowering cycle. H. nutans 'Giant' is a very easy and robust species. However, they are not to be considered a beginners plant. Please do your homework and be prepared to provide the...
  14. G

    Begonia species

    I have a few feet of Begonia withlacoochee. It's a nice trailing tropical species. I use it in my terrariums, and it is in constant bloom. The leaves have a nice coloration to them, and it is very easy to grow. I'm not looking for anything in particular, so offer away. I'd prefer species, but...
  15. D

    Heliamphora collection

    I just present my Heliamphora collection for lovers of this species H36-Heliamphora exappendiculata (Araopan tepui) par dimsnursery 33, sur Flickr H49-Heliamphora arenicola (Tramen tepui) par dimsnursery 33, sur Flickr H35-Heliamphora pulchella ( Araopan tepui ) par dimsnursery 33, sur...
  16. Av8tor1

    Heliamphora glabra

    This plant has been a royal PITA. After I acquired it several years ago, it died back to a single pitcher and root. Together they did not exceed 0.75 inchers. Slowly, and with lots of TLC it has come back to what you see now... One of the more delicate and temperamental clone lines to be...
  17. fly-catchers

    Late summer Heli!

    Hi, Just before winter kicks in and I have to dig out the heaters and close the house up- here are a few shots of some Heli enjoying a rare glimpse of September sun! H. minor (Auyan Tepui) H. minor BG Munich-clone H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) H. glabra H. purpurascens...
  18. Maiden

    Maiden growlist

    My growlist: -Stylidium caespitosum -Genlisea aurea -Heliamphora minor var minor Auyan -Heliamphora minor var pilosa Auyan (Many different genetics) -Heliamphora minor 'burgundy-black' -Heliamphora minor 'big orange' -Heliamphora minor 'selection 1' -Heliamphora minor "aonda giant" -Heliamphora...
  19. Heli

    Looking for certain heliamphoras

    Hello, I am looking for Heliamphora heterodoxa, folliculata, tatei, chimantensis, neblinae, butchinensis, glabra, or pretty much any heliamphora besides minor or tequila. Look at my growlist and if there is anything that might interest you let me know.
  20. Av8tor1

    New heli book, major drool

    Wistuba, McPherson, Nerz and Fleischmann.... oh my, this can only mean.... yes, the Aztecs were correct LOL, the heli world as we know it is gone forever!!! oh and hell just froze over LOL http://www.redfernnaturalhistory.com/books/name/sarraceniaceae_of_south_america WOW! Heliamphora...