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One large Heliamphora nutans 'Giant' (BJTS $150)

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A very large specimen with multiple growth points.
This plant produced several flower stalks during the last flowering cycle.

H. nutans 'Giant' is a very easy and robust species.
However, they are not to be considered a beginners plant. Please do your homework and be prepared to provide the conditions required.


Image was taken a month or so ago of the exact plant being auctioned.

A unique species in that it is one of the most fragrant of heliamphora; it's pitchers are known to occasionally give off a wonderful floral scent.
It also exhibits some of the most diverse pitcher color and form.
It is not uncommon to have pubescent, glabrous and waxy pitchers all on the same plant at the same time. It is also one of the most colorful of species. Many times showing reds, oranges and pinks.

H. nutans 'Giant' is thought to be a natural hybrid of H. nutans and H. glabra. It is easy to see the characteristics of each.

  • Plant will be shipped bare root via usps priority mail with signiture confirmation.
  • Shipment will be made within one week of payment, weather permitting.
  • USA bidders only, no foreign shipments, so please do not ask.
  • Winner is to pay $15 USD for shipping and handling.
  • No warranties expressed nor implied other than safe arrival.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me
Let the auction begin at $5USD

Good Luck,

I'd love to play :-))

We both know this ain't going to fit....
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100 schlamolians . . .
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You are terrible. Replacing lost children?
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And, yes, that pothead neighbor killed it; and that plant may be from a division of something I sent sent to Tincher Massif a while back -- something I had since college . . .
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125 :0o:

My suspicions confirmed. How much it is worth to you? Remember, children #1-5.....
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Dammit, woman, you're queering the pitch!
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Should I be nice? Obviously, you still don't know how I work. A little more David training is in order.....

A favorite saying of mine " Let'em sweat it bi***"

Blame it on the brussel sprouts; they are bitter. :censor:
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PM sent 4/14
4/19 Shipping payment received
Expect to ship on Tuesday 4/23
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The NASC has received payment for this item so you are clear to ship! Thanks for supporting the conservancy :)
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Shipped Monday, April 22nd

tracking number provided via email.
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Tracking shows item delivered
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