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  • Hey Drew. I am glad I happened to see your post. This is Jason, my son and I met you at the Green Scene with Don. Just a way to easily touch base if something comes up. Talk to ya later.

    Its better if you contact me through personal messaging. The source I got it from is already sold out.
    I would try a PM, it would be noticed faster. :p
    I really do wish to stand firm on what I want for the veitchii, that being an antho-free S. wriglyana. Alas, I have a burbeddie already, a pretty one.
    I have some pictures on my heliamphora setup thread I think. The tent is very useful.
    When you got the tent... Do you love it? And do you have any pics of your set up? I would love to see it
    Thanks for the comment, I had the villosa in smaller setup that got colder temperatures. For the small setup I used a water cooler hooked up with a radiator and I got temps of 70 days and 52 nights. The larger setup has an AC unit cooling it but it doesnt get the night temperatures as low as before. I get 73-80, 55-60 nights. I got the villosa from Tony in May.
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