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Heliamphora glabra

This plant has been a royal PITA. After I acquired it several years ago, it died back to a single pitcher and root. Together they did not exceed 0.75 inchers. Slowly, and with lots of TLC it has come back to what you see now...

One of the more delicate and temperamental clone lines to be sure... needs cooler temps, higher humidity and lower light than most species.

She is just now developing its characteristic "goose head" nectar spoon.



Images taken with one of my fav lenses, a Vintage Russian Helios 44-3 58mm

Thanks for looking,
Very cool Butch! for a glabrous plant it looks rather fuzzy in that last picture :-O
I think the glabrous part of the official description refers to the pitcher interior... but I would have to check to be sure.
The goose head is rather pronounced in this species though.
yes. the interior of the pitcher is supposed to be hairless....
this species is supposedly supposed to be one of the most multi-colored pitchers in the genus. according to mcphereson, the plant only holds a max of 3 pitchers at a time. one green, one red, and one purple (from youngest to oldest).

seems to hold true in the wild:
from: http://www.musekautas.lt/?p=4675

from: http://www.indoorhouse.de/Heliamphora4.html

nothing feels good like nature telling you "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" :lol:
regardless, im glad this plant ended up being a success story for you, Butch. i've learned from your mistakes, and am keeping it under lower light conditions. ;)
When i increased humidity and decreased temp... she went "awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... now im happy"
Neblina easy... but glabra, pain in the arse :p
very cool! thanks for sharing!
Butch, I must agree on the arse pain associated with glabra; I had much the same experience. Congrats on you pulling it through . . .
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Congrats Butch and very nice!
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I don't remember mine ever being hairy inside nor out.....

/shrugs.... me dunno, but your pic is very interesting indeed.
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thanks for your reply Butch. FWIW Andreas said the interior hair was normal on youngish plants and would disappear with time, but that the exterior hair seemed "puzzling." In any case this thing seems hairier than my pilosa, I guess time will tell what to make of it.