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Heliamphora collection

Wow. Spectacular Heli's. Great job.
wowsers that is a great collection :) i love the colors shown by each one. great job!
Awesome helis!
You helis are stunning. I really love the exappendiculata, the pink on it is amazing.
thank you very much my friends for all your compliments!
Oh, pink exappendiculata, that's different. That's a really nice specimen.
Wow, those are nice! :hail:
Love the coloration of the first one!!
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Lover of heliamphora, that would be me! Awesome specimen plants---hope mine will be as nice as yours someday. Thank you for sharing!
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Outstanding collection Dim!
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Beautiful collection Dim--I didn't realize sarracenioides had been found in the Gran Sabana.I'm really happy to see that exappendiculata. Thanks for sharing--
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Seriously incredible collection. Very well grown. I want to move into your greenhouse.
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Heli heaven. :awesome:

Nice job, Dim!
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very very nice plants, nice to see another hardcore heliamphile. more plants for me to drool over. and how exciting that you have an undescribed species! sp. cero venmano... seems like a derivation of collina.
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how long have you been growing the genus?
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Nice well grown collection.
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Really thank you very much my friends.yes my friend Cthulhu138, I receive pleasure visitors to present the plants in the collection is online. To top it venamo sp is not derived from collina because the hair in the horn is much more present and also the color become more important outside the growing season, it is also much smaller in size ... Here is another photo of cerro venamo top winter

H46-Heliamphora sp. Cerro venamo top par dimsnursery 33, sur Flickr

H46-Heliamphora sp. Cerro venamo top par dimsnursery 33, sur Flickr

mylesG ,are still many plant but I have yet spread photos, then it is dhybride, I also work on new hybrids to form a larger collection, I will hybridize with the ciliata neblinae or other because all Heliamphora in flower but only 5 or 6 still a bit too young ...
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