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  1. theplantman

    Looking for trades to expand a teaching CP collection

    Hi everyone! I would love to begin doing some plant trades in order to benefit my workplace and obtain a more complete and interesting collection of CPs. Because my teaching greenhouses aren't specifically specialized in CPs, there are significant holes in our collection and many genera are...
  2. D

    Various Drosera seed wanted/hoped for :) Do you have these please?

    Hi I have been hunting around various seed selling web sites in the hope of expanding my meagre Drosera collection into something more exotic. Then it occurred to me that I ought to ask you guys first...yes?! Does anyone please have any of the following Droserae (or similar) and is willing...
  3. R

    Time to thin some plants....

    UPDATE 10-7-2013: I have some of everything still left other than the N. naga plants. I have some seedling plants that are really needing to be thinned out. So I am offering spares of them for trade before I start transplanting them into bigger pots. Nepenthes jamban Nepenthes naga...
  4. mobile

    Aberdeenshire, Scotland, bog visit

    I spent a wonderful afternoon exploring a couple of the local bogs here in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with a fellow UK CP grower. Here's a few pictures I took: We saw mostly D. rotundifolia: This was one of the few D. anglica we seen. They had a preference to grow directly on the peat...
  5. bellsprout

    Bellsprouts grow list

    All grown as windowsill plants, outside in the summer. -Dionaea: two different plants, both no ID. One huge green, one small with red in the traps, but the color is gone now. ‘wacky traps’, ‘bohemian garnet’, ‘red dragon’, ‘louchapates’ ‘shark teeth’ -Drosera: anglica rotundifolia (I...
  6. K

    Non-carnivorous "Donkey's Ear" (Kalanchoe species) plantlets

    Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone would be interested in some house plants but my donkeys ear plant has many many plant-lets on its leaves and I would like to trade some of them if someone is interested. These would all be small but healthy, I would say an inch across or smaller, but they...
  7. S

    planting a bog garden in late summer/fall

    I'm moving this Saturday from Atlanta, Georgia to Ithaca, New York for grad school. If I have the time, I would like to set up a mini-bog planter a week or two after the move (either on an apartment balcony, or at the Cornell horticulture complex, where I will be working). I haven't set up a bog...
  8. W

    Looking for Hawaiian D. anglica seeds

    Hi! I'm looking for some seeds of Drosera anglica (Alaka'i Swamp, Hawaii). If you have some, please let me know ;) Regards Mateusz
  9. anramitaco

    Anramitaco's Grow List

    Nepenthes N. albomarginata N. burbidgeae x veitchii N. chaniana x veitchii N. glandulifera x burbidgeae N. vogelii Pinguicula P. gigantea Non-carnivorous plants Orchids Brassavola cucullata Eulophia petersii Eulophia spectabilis Maxillaria tenuifolia Maxillaria variabilis Oeceoclades...
  10. D

    Drosera anglica 'Tropical' mature plant (quogue $12)

    From a bog on Kauai, Hawaii. Grows all year. Start at $1
  11. BobZ

    CPN March 2013 issue (v42 n1) is now available

    Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 42, number 1, March 2013 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy was mailed to members on February 25. CONTENTS Catapults into a deadly trap: The unique prey capture mechanism of Drosera...
  12. land_pro

    my newest seed order

    Hey everybody, I just ordered some seeds from the icps. How does the list sound to you guys for only costing $48.00? (Drosophyllum lusitanicum (Nepenthes ventricosa) (Sarracenia oreophila (Sarracenia leucophylla -- Baldwin Co., AL) (Sarracenia alabamensis (Drosera...
  13. C

    for sundew guru's..are d. intermedia cuba and d. rotundafolia compatible for a cross?

    My initial research says they are but I am not experienced with this at all. My ambition is to make a drosera beleziana that isn't temperate by following the same template for the ivan's paddle of crossing a non-temperate anglica with a temperate rotundafolia creating a non temperate...
  14. C

    help with this drosera

    this came with a drosera from a vendor....vendor doesn't know....best guess? anyway to me it looks like either a spat or a capillaris...but the fuzz has me leaning towards the spat. the 2 plants i rcd was a lantau spat and a naga something or another(tokiaensis x anglica). could be one of...
  15. C

    D. Rotundifolia/Anglica

    Any suggestions on the best place to find D. Rotundifolia or D. Anglica seed? I was hoping to get some in stratification for the winter. I'm also open for trades if anyone has any.
  16. Keith

    Shortbus' growlist (I'm new at this...can you tell?)

    Keiths' growlist Growlist Key "[]"numbers in brackets indicate quantity of plants available for trade, "+"indicates more plantlets started and/or sprouts "*"indicates seed pack/s available for SASE, limit 1 per request while supply lasts, PM for details No brackets = No trade Byblis-Rainbow...
  17. C

    Drosera Anglica

    Hey guys. Does anyone have suggestions for where to find Drosera Anglica (Temperate)? Or would anyone be willing to trade with me for some seeds? I had bought some a year ago and they turned out to be D. Capensis instead of anglica! So I'm on the hunt again. PM me and I can tell you or give you...
  18. noah

    CPNs & CP books for your plants & seeds (or garlic)

    I've moved a lot in the last few years, and while I was unable to keep my plants, some books and things have made the move. At this point, I'm ready to start a small collection again, and am willing to trade my books for your extra plants or seeds. I'm easy to please: even the most common...
  19. C

    WTT some nice dews

    looking for just about anything that can be grown outside in us zone 7 in the way of drosera, dionaea and sarracenia. doubt i will have any interest but will also would like LL nepenthes. I have some red filliformis, capensis, spatulata seedlings, a couple small spatulata plants and 1 anglica...
  20. Sundrew

    Sundrew's Grow/Want Lists

    GROW LIST Drosera aliciae Drosera adelae Drosera binata ‘T-Form’ Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema Drosera brevifolia Drosera burmannii (Coffee) Drosera burmannii 'Giant Red' Drosera burmannii 'Humpty-Doo' Drosera burmannii 'Typical' Drosera capensis ‘Narrow Leaf’ Drosera capensis ‘Red’...