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Hey everybody,
I just ordered some seeds from the icps. How does the list sound to you guys for only costing $48.00?
(Drosophyllum lusitanicum
(Nepenthes ventricosa)
(Sarracenia oreophila
(Sarracenia leucophylla -- Baldwin Co., AL)
(Sarracenia alabamensis
(Drosera filiformis -- Florida Red
(Drosera capensis 'Albino'
(Drosera binata
(Drosera anglica -- Germany
(Sarracenia x readii 'Alabama Red' open pollinated)
(Drosera trinervia
(Dionaea muscipula
Very nice. The CITES species and seed with locations are priceless.

Happy Growing!
I'm probably gunna have more seed in each packet than I really need so if anybody is intrested in certain seeds let me know. It will be a first come first served baises and if I do have more than I need and someone wants it I will be more than willing to trade out seeds.
Wish I could order the CITES/ESA seeds... But alas, borders don't allow it...

I need to do another order. Get more of those sweet sweet spatulata forms.
The ICPS Seedbank is the best deal going. My hat's off to John Brittnacher who runs it. And it's all possible because growers donate seed so others can have it.

'Hope you enjoy, land_pro!
Ya I have around 25 packets of s. purpurea seed from my plants that I have to ship to them as a donation.
so I placed the order and read a line that said shipping normaly takes 1 week before orders are sent out, and that it could take up to 3 weeks before orders are sent out. Well 2 hours after I hit confirm order I recieved an email. My order was placed with perfect timing and the seeds were on their way that same day. I'm mega excited
the N. vetricosa are a donation I made. Very generous portions . Got disgusted trying to portion them out.....
sweet hope I get a full packet of those then kulamauiman, plus like I posted earlier, if I get more seeds of a variety than I need then I'm gunna share the wealth, so some terraforum people could also get some of your seeds!!!!!!!!!!:banana2::banana2::-D