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I've moved a lot in the last few years, and while I was unable to keep my plants, some books and things have made the move. At this point, I'm ready to start a small collection again, and am willing to trade my books for your extra plants or seeds. I'm easy to please: even the most common charismatic Drosera species will do. Here's my wishlist:

1. Plants that can be grown outdoors in zone 7: Sarracenia (any sp. or hybrids), D. filiformis, D. anglica, etc. I'd prefer plants/rhyzomes for the Sarr., but seeds are fine for Drosera or Utricularia species.
2. Pygmy Drosera gemmae (You can wait until fall/gemmae season to ship)
3. Utricularia, any species. Easy flowering sp. preferred, but I like 'em all.
4. Drosera capensis or Byblis seeds
5. P. esseriana or related sp..
6. Heirloom vegetable or grain seeds, zone 7 OR semi-arid/drought tolerant.
7. Heirloom/specialty/nongeneric garlic bulbs

PM me if you're interested in any of the following. Priority will be given if you can take the lot and have nice offerings, but like I said, I'm easy to please.

Fleishfressende Pflanzen by Anette Bastian. Introductory book on CPs in German, color photos on most pages, 62 pg., ISBN 3-936782-06-7. Slight wear on cover, otherwise new.
Karnivoren by Thomas Carow. Coffee table book in German, overview of carnivorous plants, gorgeous in and ex situ color plates on every page. 192 pg., ISBN 978-3-440-11903-7. Like new.
I also have an excellent overview of Mexican Pinguicula species in French, and some posters (?) from a Czech CP exhibition/gallery, still sealed. Neither are handy at the moment, but I can get you the details for these next week if you're interested.

CPN: (I know these are available online, but it's still really awesome to flip through the hard copies. Plus, what gives you more street cred when your fellow cpers come over than a 1994 copy of the CPN sitting on your shelf?)

1994: Dec
1995: all 4
1996: all 4
1997: Jun, Sep, Dec
1998: all 4
1999: all 4

2002: Dec
2003: all 4
2004: Mar
2005: Dec
2006: Mar

Total 28 magazines, mostly well read. Comes with an official CPN hardcover binder, which can hold up to 10 CPNs! (not pictured)


CPNs and Karnivoren

And for you wildlife people, I've got an old Bushnell Sentry 32x spotting scope, like a rugged, metal, oldschool version of this. Great optics, but I don't have a tripod for it and could use the space.


Noah Elhardt
i will be PM'ing you shortly..I have garlic bulbs and seeds (from scapes I let go to seed) from heirloom garlic from Georgia. The country, not the state. It's a hardneck, mild roasting garlic. I belong to the seed savers excahnge and bought the original bulbs from there.
Hey Noah, good to see you're able to get back into CPs. Forbes checks in once in a while, now all we need to do is hear from Peter.

I can certainly help you out with a lot of the plants you're looking for. Let me take inventory and see what can go.

Where are you located these days?