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  1. JMatt

    My eddies.

    I brought my plants outside to catch a cool afternoon shower. Figured I would take a few quick shots. There both growing at a pretty good clip now. I do give them coffee like once a month. The leaf jumps seem to be pretty good. I'm not sure if it's the coffee or just the plants settling in to my...
  2. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    Was given some "Feed Me! Mist"

    Hey CP'ers, I was given a bottle of "Feed Me! Mist" orchid food spray by an orchid growing friend. She knows I don't grow orchids but knows I've used orchid ferts in the past so she prompted me to give it a try. Has anyone else tried this on their Neps? I looked it up and I'm getting the...
  3. Shadowtski

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 1

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 1 tropical & subtropical species, mostly Drosera No stratification When I decided to restart my CP collection I had some seeds stored in my refrigerator for up to 17 years. Some were from the ICPS seedbank and some were from my old collection in the mid to...
  4. Swagalotus

    Swagalotus's Nepenthes

    My new seedgrown nepenthes robcantleyi arrived on Wednesday. I just wanted to share my pics and update this thread as it grows. Plant was fertilized on 3/26/16 with: -7 osmocote in the soil -1 osmocote in the pitcher -Coffee in the soil -Maxsea sprayed all over the plant, put in pitcher, and...
  5. Radagast

    Radagast's Indoor Grow Room

    Hi folks. For the past several weeks I've been planning an indoor basement grow room. I created this thread to post pictures & document my progress with this build. Room Specs: The area is roughly 12 feet long x 7.5 feet wide. Ceiling height is about 78 inches, 72 inches underneath a couple...
  6. R

    Matt V's photo thread!

    Just wanted to share some photos of my neps and their progression. I grow my plants under LEDs. The problem I struggle most with is low humidity but it seems like really bright light helps harden my plants and sphagnum (resist drought). Ive built a second grow box to house larger plants though...
  7. M

    Drosera Help

    Ok...someone here was nice enough to trade me some non cp seeds for some cp seeds. im a noob if you don't know. I only have a couple neps and a purp. He sent me some sundew seeds and I really want this to work. He sent drosera intermedia, d spatulata (it looks like he wrote Beenak Victoria s...
  8. R

    My Grow Box

    Hey all, just wanted to share one of my setups. If anybody has any questions I would be happy to elaborate on particularities. The LEDs are 1:2 ratio of cool white to warm white, with one neutral white for viewing pleasure. I fertilize with coffee every 1-2 months. Sphagnum is slowly turning...
  9. ps3isawesome

    Is the coffee as fertilizer debate settled?

    Seen some post about nepenthes being fertilized by coffee and big leaf jump. This reminded me of a huge long post I read before about how some folks think it's not effective and in some cases bad for the plant. Any update on this subject? thanks
  10. M Jacobs

    Ceph with coffee

    I have long wondered if cephs would be compatible with coffee as a fertilizer (not trying to restart the old argument just something for fun). So I decided to give it a go with the few cephs I have. The first one has had a good increase in speed of growth and the second made a much larger...
  11. Cthulhu138

    Tuberous Drosera

    After speaking with several members here among other growers, I have realized that there are more misconceptions about successfully growing these plants than I had thought. I wrote the care sheet below last year for the NECPS members to use as a guide for their cultivation and I hope that it can...
  12. Sashoke

    Coffee Treatment Results

    So 2 weeks ago I gave my Ventricosa the coffee treatment by watering it with cold coffee and then flushing the pot out the next morning. Now 2 weeks later there are some very obvious growth increases. The first thing Ive noticed is insane moss growth: The first pitcher its produced since the...
  13. Zath

    Fruit fly culture Q's

    I picked up two vials of FF yesterday to start up cultures for seedlings, spider slings, etc. Despite both of them being labeled as "flightless", I got a vial of both flightless and wingless, so...bonus? Anyway, the recipe I used was the simplest one I could find. Instant potatoes, powdered...
  14. Apollonian

    Yo Yo Yo Portlander Oy Oy Oy

    Oy, My name's Carson, I'm 19, and I've been growing CPs for about 14 years. It got really intense when I found a steady stream of them coming from a local nursery. Naturally I went nuts and haven't been cured since. I posted on this forum and others as a less mature middle- and high-schooler. I...
  15. mato

    Yet another benefit of coffee

    I came across this article today and thought it might be useful for some of you who have used, or are on the fence about using, coffee on your plants. http://www.cycad.org/documents/Broome-Coffee-2007.pdf
  16. Tacks

    SF Bay Area roll call

    I know there are a few folks on TF from the greater Bay Area. I'd like to see if there's anybody within, say, an hour's drive of San Francisco who might like to get drinks, or coffee, or do some in-person plant trades, or just hang out. I live in the city of Richmond, right near the del Norte...
  17. NatchGreyes

    Promoting Growth - Bical/Amp Hybrid

    I've had a great bical x amp hybrid for about three months now, but which hasn't done anything. Literally, nothing. I wanted to know if there is anything to induce growth. First up, a shot of the pitchers - (This is why I like it, look at those fangs!) So, here it is on 01/31/14: Today...
  18. NatchGreyes

    Nep. Potting Media Experiment

    Hey Everyone, I've started an bit of an experiment, albeit one that lacks precise scientific rigor. A month ago I came across the CPN sample that talks about creating a potting mix that is 1:1:1 Seramis:Lava Gravel:Lecaton. Having read a lot about the destruction of CP habitats, I decided to...
  19. bellsprout

    What after germination?

    Hi all, me again with a question for seed growers, especially Nepenthes attenboroughii seed. I'm a beginner and tried my first Nep seeds: I bought some (probably old) Nepenthes seeds online and sowed them the 13th of september. Only the attenboroughii germinated (october 15th), now 8 plants...
  20. mcantrell

    A novice's winter project: Moving from a Rack / adding a Terrarium

    So I have a small collection of plants, some doing well, others not so well. Lately I've gotten the bug to upgrade my growing conditions and I'm thinking about upgrading my old wireframe Lowes rack into a terrarium, or adding a terrarium to my collection as I can. My plan is to source things...