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  1. z5guy

    where do you find?

    Hey, guys, im looking for online sotes to buy Cps off of and im looking for certain ones and ive already been to all the ones i know of and still cant find them, its incrediabley important i find them. Pinguicula macroceras, P. villosa, P. vulgaris, Drosera anglica, Drosera longifolia, Drosera...
  2. maxposwillo

    Maxs growlist

    *NEPENTHES* Lowland bicalcarata Clone 3 gracillis 'Sport' bicalcarata clone 20 x 'Red Dragon' Highland fusca truncata "Pasian" petiolata ventricosa mikei talangensis macfarlani ephippiata muluensis x lowii x 'Judith Finn' vetchii 'Batu Lawi' x 'Lady Pauline' ventricosa Red x talangensis lowii...
  3. nepenthesmatt

    Matthew's Growlist Thousand Oaks CA. 'updated'

    MY GROW LIST Nepenthes Highland Nepenthes alata alata 'Luzon female' diates fusca (seed) izumae macfarlanii maxima 'female' maxima f. suburba rajah spectabilis clone 1 north sumatra truncata 'pashin highland' ventricosa Lowland albomarginata 'kuching spotted NE2AB' anamensis...
  4. O

    Sundew Artifical Lighting

    For most sundews like capensis, aldedea, capillaris, and anglica, to use fluorescent lighting, would a 40 Watt/100 watt equivalent compact fluorescent bulb be enough if left on for a photoperiod of 10-15 hours? If not, what bulb would be needed? And, to germinate seeds, is the 40 watt ok and...
  5. JRFxtreme

    Looking for N. neoguinensis seeds!

    Seeds I'm looking for: N. neoguinensis or interesting forms of N. mirabilis. Other lowland or lowland tolerant Nepenthes. D. binata ssp. dichotoma D. graomogolensis Any Petiolaris complex P. planifolia P. gypsicola I have the following seeds to trade: D. indica small white flower form D. indica...
  6. nepenthes369

    Nep369 growlist

    Nepenthes Species: C M R 1. m N. alata, Large Red LHNN C0002 6/10 $35 2. N. albomarginata "Gunung Jerai" Jimmy 4/10 $35 3. N. beccariana SG R3 9/11/11 $50 4. N. bicalcarata Super Red BW 6/10 $120 5. N. boschiana SG EP 10/07 $120 6. N. boschiana (b) SG EP 4/14 7. N. eustachya SG R3 4/25...
  7. C

    CPsinSC's Grow List

    Aldrovanda Cephalotus follicularis Cephalotus follicularis 'Hummer's Giant' D. californica D. muscipula D. muscipula 'dente' D. muscipula 'red dragon' D. muscipula seedlings - Older Seedling D. muscipula "banded" D. adelae D. scorpioides D. rotundifolia & seedlings D. intermedia D. binata D...
  8. S

    my growlist

    NEW GROWLIST: Trying to rebuild lost collection Dionaea muscipula "1955" D. Justina Davis D. Petite Dragon D. B52 D. Vigorous D. Crested Petitole D. Cupped Trap D. typical Sarracenia hybrids of unknown parentage S. purpurea Darlingtonia californica Utricularia purpurea U. gibba Aldrovanda...
  9. FarmerDave

    Looking for....

    hello, me again. I am currently looking for some of these seeds and/or plants, if you have any extra and would be willing to trade them then please look at my growlist and see if anything interests you. Maybe we can work something out :rookwoot: P. plainifolia (seed/plants) S. [random...
  10. noah

    Did the American Bison limit carnivorous plant distribution in North America?

    A glance at a map of the distribution of carnivorous plants in North America reveals that a large part of the continent is almost completely devoid of CPs. Here I've mapped the distribution of Drosera anglica (in yellow) and the genus Sarracenia (red). As you can see, the entire central part...
  11. rubrarubra

    D. anglica CA x HI

    I've got ~5 packets of D anglica CA X HI available for trade. My plants grew to 2.5" before flowering, and are already coming back. No dormancy needed. I don't know if this hybrid comes true to form, but my plants grew from seed with no problems. Trade takes preference over SASE and I'll...
  12. Not a Number

    Not a Number's Growlist

    Growing: Byblis liniflora Darlingtoniacalifornica seedling ICPS californica ****** 'Othello' x 'Othello' Nevada Co, CA 'Othello' x ? Nevada Co, CA Dionea muscipula(typical) 'Akai ryu' 'B52' 'Crested Petiole' 'Cupped Trap' "Fang" 'Fused Tooth' 'Jaws' 'Justina Davis' 'Red Pirhana'...
  13. Not a Number

    Sarracenia purpurea ssp purpurea seeds

    I started stratifying some S. purpurea ssp purpurea seeds a couple weeks ago but have decided that they will not do well at my latitude in Southern California. I have obtained some S. purpurea ssp venosa which should do better in my locale. The ssp purpurea seeds are from Tolland Co...
  14. B

    Bugweed's Still Teeny Growlist

    Sarracenia List: S. alata: S. alata Anthocyanin free Citronelle Bog, Mobile Co., Ala. S. alata Typical Form Citronelle Bog, Mobile Co., Ala. S. alata Veined Hood, Upper tube Citronelle Bog, Mobile Co., Ala. S...
  15. I

    Insectivore's Growlist!

    Heres my Grow List! (S=Seedling or Still Small) (D=Dormant) (***=For Trade) Byblis: Liniflora Darlingtonia Californica Drosera: Capensis "Narrow" Rotundifolia Nidiformis Multifida Spatulata*** Spatulata "Kansai" Anglica X Spatulata Madagascariensis "California Sunset"D Dielsiana...
  16. T

    The Great Cornholio's Terrarium progress

    Okay, I started with an old 15 gallon terrarium with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. This terrerium is a classic terrerium for subtropical drosera and pinguicula. Bottom layer: 1 1/2 inch layer of washed pebbles Next layer: 1 inch layer of perlite Next layer: a small amount of lfs...
  17. R

    D. anglica

    Hey all, I thought I'd post a few pics of my D. anglica CA x HI. It's been growing nonstop even after the D. obovata next to it went dormant. The plants are sitting in a few inches of water, almost touching the bulbs of the flourescent light fixture. D. obovata from Crater Lake, OR Peter
  18. T

    Classic Terrarium

    I am going to make a classic (landscape) terrarium with an old 20-something gallon tank that I have. The plants will all be in the same medium. I plan on using a standard medium of 50/50 sand and peat layered over a couple inches of pebbles and horticultural charcoal for drainage. The tank will...
  19. jimscott

    Any Rhyme Or Reason Why These Are

    The following are attempting to flower: D. montana-tomentosa, D. spatulata x capensis, a mystery sundew that looks like a cross between a spatulata and a capensis, and D. anglica. Why now? And no, they are not about to croak!