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Hey, guys, im looking for online sotes to buy Cps off of and im looking for certain ones and ive already been to all the ones i know of and still cant find them, its incrediabley important i find them. Pinguicula macroceras, P. villosa, P. vulgaris, Drosera anglica, Drosera longifolia, Drosera filiformis ( striaght species if possible), Drosera intermedia, Drosera linearis, Drosera rotundifolia, Utricularia cornuta, Utricularia geminiscapa, Utricularia inflata , Utricularia intermedia , Utricularia juncea, Utricularia macrorhiza , Utricularia minor, Utricularia ochroleuca , Utricularia olivacea , Utricularia purpurea, Utricularia radiata , Utricularia resupinata, Utricularia striata, Utricularia stygia , Utricularia subulata, Darlingtonia californica, Sarracenia minor , Sarracenia mooreana, Sarracenia psittacina , Sarracenia rosea. If you could lead me in the right dircetion to find ANY of these plants, that would be beyond great, thanks.
S. mooreana is acutally S. leucophylla
Good luck with Drosera linearis which darn near impossible to grow in cultivation.

PM'ed with a couple of well known sources that has probably 90% of what you are looking for.
lets please remember to not list any vendors here. PMs only if you know of a resource.

I think we may have a few Sarracenia psittacina and MAYBE an extra Sarracenia minor. PM me if you'd like me to check the g/h and verify either of those for you.

so, nobody has any of those three pings?
S. mooreana is acutally S. leucophylla

No it isn't. S. mooreana is the former name for S. moorei which is S. flava x S. leucophylla. Please see the ICPS database of carnivorous plant names.
Thank you Manny. You may now have $1 million dollars!
Is it just for your self or like an exhibit?