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  • Manny, just got your message about coming up this way. I hope you didn't already come. If you didn't let me know when your coming. I have a nice site to take you and your friends up in St. Johns County. Full of Minor and pings as well as sundews. Let me know, thanks, Tony.
    When do you want to come up to see my collection and get a piece of that okeechobee minor. I'll be gone from 4-2 to 4-9. Will be home 4-10. Look forward to hearing from you. Oh, if you want anything to trade, I've got some nice plants. I'm looking for coppertop flava and maxima flava if you have any to trade. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tony
    Thought I'd let you know the Ladybug seems to be going through some stress. If it recovers, I'll still be able to ship it. If not, maybe I'll get one from my bog.
    I sent you the Minor. you should get it tomorrow by US mail. Let me know how it grows for you. Thanx, Tony.
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