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help with this drosera

this came with a drosera from a vendor....vendor doesn't know....best guess?

anyway to me it looks like either a spat or a capillaris...but the fuzz has me leaning towards the spat.

the 2 plants i rcd was a lantau spat and a naga something or another(tokiaensis x anglica). could be one of those but doesn't particularly favor either of them.

Looks like D. spatulata or D. tokaiensis. . . Time will tell.
i think you may be right.....im guessing if it gets full red it is a tokaiensis?

i hope so since i do not have any of those :)
I think Devon has got it right, if it turns out not to be tokai, I have an extra for trade.
actually since a little time has passed i think fortune may smile upon me....1 for the straight up tokai specimen i got from shortbus but I believe it to be a nagatomoi.....will have to wait until it gets older but it strongly resembles the nagatomoi below it IMO.

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