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What is your favorite ping?

My favorite ping is agnata 'True Blue'. It has proven itself really hardy to me by being more vigorous than other species(or hybrids). Its flower is pretty cute too with a blue tinged blossom. It also likes to grow aerial roots everywhere(is that good or bad).
So.... What's your favorite ping?
In looks..Moctezuma, In reality, I can't grow it.
liking very much agnata giant possibly favorite now.
its about 3" across.
for me, cyclosecta.
Mine would be cyclosecta, too.
Wow those pings are just gorgeous:drool:
I think P. heterophylla is a great species.
i like em pink and sticky.cant choose just one, thhye are all so great!
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Out of the ones I grow: P. grandiflora. Beautiful flowers, and the thing just keeps going, and going, and going.....
Out of any species..... ? Maybe P. elongata, or emarginata for the flowers....
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My favorite is Pinguicula caerulea. The very first carnivorous plant I ever owned was a P. Caerulea (it died within a month) but I share a certain sentimental connection with this one.

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That's a tough one! I only have two Pings. On the one hand my Pirouette is a prolific grower BUT my Laueana is the first, been with me longer, and has red flowers (the color red is my favorite after periwinkle-lavender).

Laueana vs...


I even named them both, though not very brilliant names...Lau and Piro. Hehe!
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Those are some nice pictures. Wolfn, I'm sorry to hear about that, temperates are hard for me to grow.
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For the Mexican pings,gypsicola by far.I have about 20 of them and love em.Temperate would be my grandiflora.One made it thru this winter but supplied me with 15 gemma !!!
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I like those pings too(well pretty much all of them). Does grandiflora grow big flowers?
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"Aphrodite" is a nice cultivar, but I particularly like P. jaumavensis and P. moctezumae.
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I like those pings too(well pretty much all of them). Does grandiflora grow big flowers?
Depends on what you call "big." Probably bigger than the smaller species, but typical size for northern temperates. It's called "grandiflora" because of the striking violet colors of the flower.