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Unidentified nep, any guesses?

I bought this huge nep at a really good deal from a local greenhouse which considered it very much an oddity. They had it in their care for a year or so and for being in a beautifully maintained greenhouse it was seriously declining.
After a few moments if indecision, I couldn't help but attemp a rescue. The plant was potted in a 8-10" hanging basket with no pitchers left and most of the tendrils dried and blackening.:sorry: It's spent the summer in dappled light outdoors and now is moved to an indoor greenhouse for the winter.
I am a sundew guy if I had to claim a genus and know little about the neps.
Can anybody tell me what nep I got?


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odds are very high that you have one of the following:
1) N x ventrata
2) N x 'Miranda'
3) N x 'Judith Finn'

your image does not work btw.
sorry about the pic, working to resolve now
should be ok now.
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my guess is N x Miranda
I strongly agree with pebes.
Thanks for weighing in drew and pebes!
Certainly the $ was right! After the damage was done, I paid 40$ for a plant with 5+ growth points and a basal or two.
I am a sucker for "saving" a plant, and it seems this pointless behavior has finally paid off! Only problem is it's huge----taking up over 30% of the space in my greenhouse.
Who needs rooted cuttings???

If I can part with them...hehe:crazy:
Yeah I vote Miranda too. Def not ventrata or Judith Finn.
Take cuttings root them for practice and do a noobie giveaway. Or give away the fresh cuttings.
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I currently have 2 rooted cuttings starting to pitcher and will be doing a giveaway on them soon, so please check back or PM me with inquiries.
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Would this fit into the lowlanders?
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N. Miranda will do well in just about any condition. I've had one for a couple years now that has endured everything, from full shade and 10% humidity (where it did pitcher occasionally) as well as temps of 45-90 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way to constant 80 F temps and 85-90% humidity. As long as you see leaves appearing, don't worry too much about its conditions, more so pure water and preferrably higher light levels than mine had. :D
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Here is the poor thing stuffed in the top shelf of my tent-house.


And the first pitcher on a cutting.

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