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Unhappy P. "Pirouette"

Hi all. The last few leaves on my P. "Pirouette" are a little deformed on the edges. I don't see any obvious pests. The plant is near a south facing window on the tray system with no more than an inch of water at a time. As far as potential pests, I have had these funny tiny black larvae-like things. They don't look like fungus gnat larvae but I'm not sure what they are. Anyway, there are a few in the last shot below that hopefully you can see. They had seemed to go away long before I noticed the deformed leaves though, so I'm not sure they're responsible. None of my other butterworts are having issues. Thoughts?



It may not be perfect looking but overall it looks fine. I would take leaf pullings and start them in fresh pots.
That's a lot more water than I give mine, I keep mine pretty dry. They are prone to root rot if kept too wet, but if your other pings are doing ok like that then I guess it's ok. What soil mix are you using?
Overall the plant looks healthy, though a little pale. I don't know about those new leaves, they do look a little knarly. Keep an eye on the new ones just getting ready to come out.
I don't know what those little critters are either, but it seems I have seen photos of them here before somewhere.
You probably have white thirp thingies attacking your plant. Apply "Bayer rose and flower insect killer" asap for fastest recovery.