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Californian in DC
So I figured it'd be a good time to post some pics of my plants that are starting to get back to their normal growing speed. I've also got a couple drosera that need ID with an interesting backstory.

Way back during the last NASC auction, I won an auction for heat loving dewy plant seeds. If I recall correctly, there were 2 kinds of d. indica, filiformis red, intermedia, b. linata, and d. burmannii. I planted them up and had great germination for just about all of them. Well, I left these in the loving hands of my mother for 2 weeks, and apparently when I said "keep these bowls filled with water," she heard "don't water these". So when I got back, they were all dried up and dead. Dismayed, I recycled the media to be used later.

Last fall I did some gemmae trading, and used the dead sprout media for some pots. Earlier this winter, the baby pygmies were flooded with rainwater. The media in their bowls shifted and resettled, swallowing many pygmies in the process, including complete obliteration of one crop. Well, salvaging what I could, I soon noticed 2 plants that were not pygmies in one strongly disturbed pot. Here are the hitchhikers:

I suspect one of the D. Indicas and one filiformis red

Now for the picture extravaganza. Click the thumbs for bigger shots.
Drosera (D. Madagascariensis, D. Huegelii, D. Admirabilis, D, Multifida var. Extrema, D Graminifolia):

In the chaos of the great pygmy flood, I lost ID for 2 pots of pygmies. Hopefully they'll flower and I can ID them for sure. I kept PM logs of my gemmae trades, so the list will be short.
Pygmies (D. Sargentii {from mark.ca}, D. Roseana {from trek623}, D. Microscapa, D. Echinoblastus {from NotANumber}, D. Scorpioides 'Pink Flower' {from NotANumber}, D. Lost ID 2, D. Lost ID 1):

Nepenthes (N. truncata 'Pasian Highland' {from nepenthesmatt}, N. Talangensis (with tuberous leaning in), N. Spectabilis double potted, N. Sanguinea 'Blood Red', N. Reinwardtiana 'Red', N. Reinwardtiana 'Green', N. Mira, N. Fusca, N. Ephippiata, N. x 'Effulgent Koto' {cutting from CP30}, N. x 'Miranda' {from nepenthesmatt), basal on that same miranda) :

I love spring, my plants kick in to high gear and there are lots of photo ops. My Sarracenia are flowering and sending up beautiful spring pitchers too. I'll get some pics of them later.
And, of course, we have Andrew's N. Sanguinea which is inflating 3 pitchers currently after finally terminating one (the pitcher to the right in the first pic) it kept for nearly 4 months which caught 3 large moths on its own. It's also producing 2 basals.

Wow your Drosera graminifolia looks great. I brought mine indoors for the winter as it was getting too cold for it. I can't wait to put it back outdoors.
I left mine out all winter and it did just fine. I hope it grows half as well under my lights as it did outside.