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Well i have had a rough couple of days, so i took some time for myself and my plants and took some photos

Nepenthes glabrata

Nepenthes mikei

Nepenthes ramispina

Nepenthes spectabilis x aristolochioides

Nepenthes chaniana x veitchii

Nepenthes ephippiata (kinda retarded pitcher)

huge, inflating Nepenthes sanguinea pitcher

Nepenthes jamban

Nepenthes spathulata x thorelii (bokorensis?) (final lower pitcher and its first intermediate)


Nepenthes singalana tujuh

Nepenthes singalana belirang

Newly opening Nepenthes flava pitcher

Nepenthes fusca Flared Peristome

Nepenthes truncata x xTrusmadiensis

Nepenthes ventricosa x angasanensis

Nepenthes copelandii Mt Apo cutting

Nepenthes bongso

Nepenthes gymnamphora

Nepenthes jacquelineae

the few seedlings i have left of N. xSplendiana x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] and still very small at that...

Nepenthes xPuna

Nepenthes xSplendiana

Nepenthes maxima x xTrusmadiensis

A jumble of Nepenthes gracilis nigrapurpurea pitchers from a few of the basals on my crazy plant...
and finally Nepenthes spectabilis North Sumatra upper pitcher

:awesome: fantastic looking plants, Kris!
Love the glabrata and singalanas.. :hail:
Your so lucky, my plants are looking a bit ratty because of the heat right now. I wish i could grow half the species you do.
I covet your spectabilis...I swear I hated spec before I saw a pic of your pitcher. Great pitchers on all of your neps!
Oh my gosh. Gorgeous Nepenthes!

N. glabrata and mikei :drool:
Thanks for the comments guys :)
im really happy with how well they have done this year in the greenhouse considering we had such a crappy start to the spring/summer...
Very nice selection of pitchers!

You have grown your jamban to "adult size" or at least climbing height haven't you? How big is your plant in diameter?
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the jamban is not quite climbing height, though i think it may be getting near it...its difficult to tell with such a lanky species....
this plant isnt very big in diameter, i think its in need of a repot, and also probably due to the fact that its in a part of the GH that gets quite a bit of light, so it doesnt need as much surface area to take in energy...
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Simply awesome!
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All looking fantastic. Your plants love whatever you're doing.
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Thanks :)
Nightsky - i really havent done anything special for them... I water em, mist em, and let them do their thing... Just let washington do the hard work :p gotta love natural conditions...
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Fantastic SK. Damn!! I can't wait for this freaking summer to finish..every single of my nepenthes has stopped pitchering as temps have been hitting 90s. It seems like I lost a plant as well. :(
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Hey SK, Is that the N. jacquelineae I sent you? If it is, glad to see it acclimated to your conditions. The mother plant that basal came from is a stunner. Once it starts pitchering for you, it will pitcher on every leaf as long as you keep humidity high.
Anyway I've been in Amsterdam for the past month and my lowland greenhouse is a mess. Will have to find a better caretaker as am going back to Amsterdam in Nov. for another month. Good growing! By the way love the jamban and the flava also.
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yep that is the jacq you sent me alright :)
its doing great now, growing like a weed.
Amsterdam eh. dont get in too much trouble there ;D
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Good to see the N. ramispina also made it. That is one of my most favorite highlanders. Did any of the hamatas I sent you make it?
As far as Amsterdam goes, hard to get in trouble there unless you are a complete idiot. All the fun stuff is legal. One of my most favorite places in the whole world and everyone speaks English better than many in the USA.
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A few photos before i head off to work today, and out of town for a couple days...
This N. sanguinea pitcher just opened, it was my first nep...got it from Andy back in the end of '07 i believe :)





And the final product of that developing N. flava pitcher....very very red..haha