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The CCPS is looking for seed donations for an educational program we will be doing at the Fire in the Lakes festival hosted by the North Carolina Nature Conservancy on March 23rd. Preferably we are looking for seed of any Sarracenia, Drosera, Dionaea, Pinguicula, or Utricularia that can grow outside in eastern NC year round, but tropical sundew seeds are also welcome. The main thing is that it has to be relatively easy to grow from seed and be able to be grown via the tray method.

We will be teaching kids how to grow carnivorous plants from seed and the kids will be able to take home a small pot full of seed of hopefully a couple different types of CPs, so that in a few weeks if they take care of them properly they will have a mini bog full of carnivorous plants.

If you have anything extra please pm us or send us an email at carolinacpsociety@gmail.com

Got some cape seeds I can send.
I have some D.Capensis "albinos" seeds if you want :)
The ICPS seedbank will donate seed for educational purposes.
Have. D. binata seeds somewhere.....
Jcal, I sent you a pm about your offer.

gabgabinou, unfortunately international plant/seed trading, selling, or donations is rather a pain but we appreciate the offer.

NaN thank you for pointing that out. We will contact them and inquire about that.

Kulamauiman, send us a pm when you find them and we will figure out shipping details.