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In celebration of the recent NASC auction, and all the excellent money generated for a great cause, here's a giveaway (for postage) to support the legions of folks who donated goodies.** This giveaway is a bit different from others so please read everything before jumping in...

Who is eligible to enter?
- anyone who donated material in the recent auction that earned at least $10 for NASC

How do I enter?
- pick and post a number between 1-100
- if your donated items produced over $100 for NASC, you can also select a second number (but can only win one prize)

What can I win?
- there are five possible prizes

#1 - S. purpurea ssp venosa 'Brunswick Beauty' with an added D. x hybrida (filiformis*intermedia), Burlington County, NJ (if wanted) (2nd place winner Brie selects Brunswick Beauty w. D. x hybrida)

#2 - H. pulchella, Chimanta Tepui (small plant - immature pitchers) with a D. prolifera companion (if wanted)

#3 - choice of small seedgrown D. regia or small D. graomogolensis, Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil (1st place winner JRFxtreme selects D. graomogolensis)

#4 - H. pulchella, Akopan Tepui (small plant - mature pitchers) (3rd place winner afrodisa selects H. pulchella from Akopan Tepui)

#5 - an Orchidioides Utric 'root' from any two species of my utrics (excluding campby, large rennie & Ilu Tepui quelchii). Each will be sent in a test tube of RO water. If either has not established leaves within 3 months, I will replace them with new roots or more established divisions (my choice)(see growlist for plant species)

There will be three winners. I'll use a random number generator to create a list of numbers. The 1st matching number gets to select from the full list of prizes. The 2nd matching number gets to select from the remaining four prizes and the 3rd matching number gets to select from the final 3 prizes.

If you are interested in participating, have read & understood the above conditions...
- Pick and post a number between 0-100 (or two numbers if your donations accrued over $100).
- In the case of repeat numbers.... the earlier poster takes it.
- Entries close at 6pm, Friday May 11 - I'll post the number sequence from random.org sometime after that
- USA only
- special thanks to Av for fine-tuning a robust selection process

** Please don't misconstrue my restrictions as being against those who purchased auction items - not at all - an auction needs both donors & buyers. However, the buyers are getting their rewards mailed to them. The donors walk away from the auction w/ nada. This giveaway is to celebrate all those people who make the auction possible with their donations & hopefully encourages even more participation in the future.
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Super cool idea dude! Thanks for the opportunity!

I'll pick 17 and 42. My meager entries gathered $165 for the NASC. More then I thought they would!
Ron, thanks!

Not entering because I did not post anything, but throughout the auction, you were generous with the plants you posted. And now you are showing even more altruism!

Thanks so much for being awesome! And thanks to those who donated! You deserve this!
You're awesome Ron.

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78 Thanks!!!
43 and 57

Thanks. I should do same
8 and 88
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That's way cool!! 22 for me please.
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Thank you for the generosity!
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I'll pick 10 because that is how much my item earned. ;)
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I'm not picking any numbers ... I'm just here to say you're super awesome, and super awesome for doing this giveaway :)

And I disagree - I've gotten 'more room' from donating plants ;)
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I'm picking 95, the amount my items earned! This is a really nice giveaway thanks so much for your generosity!
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Really, really awesome. Too bad my scorpiodes only fetched $7!!
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Wow, and the generosity continues...

34, 51

Some of those Utric's look amazing!

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seriously generous offers.. what a community here at terraforums. the auction was real fun, i can't wait for years to come. no guessing for me! (oops haha)
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84 for me. Thanks for the great giveaway! Just another reason why this forums is awesome.