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D.graomo, N.jaquelineae pitcher & N.villosa plant

Ceph & dew mixed pot

VFT, cobra and dew mixed pot

N.hamata BE clone

N.tenuis... hope this one inflates!!


N.splendiana x mixta (or maybe the other way around??)

N.tentaculata maroon looking suspiciously non-maroon again this year

N.spectalangensis pitcher hanging out in an N.hamata AW clone pot

Sarra/dew pot

N.hammy x platy

N.vent um... white? porcelain? alba? one of the whiter ones..

N.iz x xtm basal :3

N.mikei & inermis chillin'

N.aristo & mikei chillin' too :p

My N.jamban pitcher for the year :ohno:

N.(veitchii x lowii) x campy pitcher crashing the N.dubia AW party

N.ovata pitchers finally!

N.spath x hamata hanging out in the tenuis pot

N.ventrinermis hanging out with last year's N.platy pitchers

N.Song of Melancholy finally pitchering again (they don't like uhl temps, surprise surprise)

N.bongso malesiana :)

The hated Pings suffering in exile

Some Phal mutts

A happy bromeliad - this is actually the pup from a mother plant that I bought blooming 4 years ago!

N.thor x campy - sorry it's blurry :(

N.khasi x viking with baby bosch x campy pitchers in the background

N.bosch x campy more mature pitcher

N.alata... the white parts grow in slower

N.campy x max

N.campy x (spec x talan) finally pitchering again. Had and produced no pitchers the last 6 months :(


N.thor x campy... guess this one just takes bad photos?

S.xUmlauftiana flower :)

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Platy Princess indeed! :awesome:

Nice Neps! Envious of that variegated alata.
Thez, your collection never ceases to amaze me! :)

Your ventrinermis is stunning.
Your Pinguicula community planter is amazeballs!

It is nice to see that your Sarracenia are waking up! Mine are struggling somewhat. It always amazes me how you can have sphagnum growing in with the Sarracenia.

Is this pitcher Nepenthes dubia? Nice!
N. x ventrinermis was a good choice.
Thanks for the kind words :)

Yeah I never used to be able to grow Sphag but now it seems to be doing great in those minibogs. I don't know how or why, but I am happy about it :) My Sarras have only started waking up in the last few weeks, and my growing season is weird here too. I think they wake up mid-April and don't go to sleep til maybe Nov. The VFTs have roughly the same cycle.
nice plants!
Amazing pitchers.
Great plants, especially like the variegated alata. I had a variegated albomarginata seedling recently, but it decided to die for no reason....