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  1. thez_yo

    pictures for the most excellent limeslide

    D.graomo, N.jaquelineae pitcher & N.villosa plant Ceph & dew mixed pot VFT, cobra and dew mixed pot N.hamata BE clone N.tenuis... hope this one inflates!! N.petiolata N.splendiana x mixta (or maybe the other way around??) N.tentaculata maroon looking suspiciously non-maroon again...
  2. natevincent


    Just snapped a few pics in my spare time. Maxima "Dark" Vent x Lowii x Vent Lowii x Spectabilis Vent "k" Tentac Lowii x Trunc with good color and some hairs under the lid Vent x Talan Maxima SGS
  3. natevincent

    Pics (DUW)

    New pics of what caught my eye when I walked into the GH after work... Truncata x Ventricosa Ventricosa x TM (From Dom Gravine...) Raff Hamata Clone 2 Sib x Truncata a bit more colored up... Maxima x Talan Truncata x (Ventricosa x Tiveii) Chillin between two pots wich made it really hard...
  4. CN

    Nep trade for nep

    I have up for Trade a Judith finn Efflugent Koto Vent-squat x Talan x Carrunculata Lady Pauline PM me if interrested Daren