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Luca wanted to see pics of my overcrowded setup, so I figured I would post them for all to see...

Top shelf, has some airplants which are not doing super well... Also some nice big bromeliads in the back... Most of the stuff is in bags, because I don't have a humidifier yet. I should get one soon...

Middle shelf, has all my common Drosera, except for most of the capensis...

Bottom shelf, has capensis, some odd Drosera, flytraps, and Sarracenia seedlings.

Flytrap seeds germinating, got about 100 and some...

Drosera leaves, in propagation. Front and centre is hamiltonii.

Small tank, with U. reniformis growing in it. The plants are just starting to put out lots of leaves, hopefully they will get bigger.

Thanks for looking!
Very nice!
Awesome. I see little Esme over there :love:
Looks amazing Peat! Is it possible to move the lights any closer? Mine are only a couple inches from my plants.

@TOG, keep yer hands off her...

Drew, I find the lights work at the distance they are at. It would be technically possible to move them closer, but that would be really difficult. IMO the Mylar and the Sunblaster T5's are enough to keep the plants nice and red at that distance. It also leaves plenty of space for taller flowerstalks to develop, and for taller species to grow without getting to hot. Same with the top shelf. I'll be able to have vining Nepenthes, till they get quite tall, because of the height of the terrarium. Although I find that the sundews grown on the top shelf are a bit less red then they should be...
Do you cover the front with mylar?
Yes, I have a panel that gets held on with magnets. Although I want to replace the board with something better...
Sweet set up Gabriel!