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Plant Ninja
I thought since I have been growing some things for a little while now. It would be only proper to introduce the site, in which I spend a lot of time at, my little collection I have started.

I have just completed my build of the new room. Pics will follow shortly on the room.....Here are some pics of some of my things I have sitting on overstuffed racks waiting to go into the room.

I hope you enjoy the progression of the thread. :rookwoot:

First up is my first nepenthes I bought. N. sanguinea and it is drooling on itself. :)



N. maxima 'lake poso' it's first pitcher for me.


N. ventricosa x truncata (king of spades) I have a good feeling for this one :) Already throwing 5 inch+ pitchers!




N. copelandii 'mt apo' Very new to the collection, Thank you Exo :)


N. ventricosa - tiny little pitcher producer!


N. lowii x campanulata 1st pitcher ever! Tiny but beautiful. Even sporting a nice little nectar drop on it's lip :)


N. jacquelineae. Starting to settle in for me nicely.


N. glabrata is really taking off and throwing out some pitchers!



N. gothica. Just opened a new pitcher a few days ago. (1st pic) I can't wait to see this one take off!



N. fuschia flared peristome. Being a punk. I will whip it into shape though.


N. red beauty. I love this plant. Lovely red pitchers. One just opened 4 days ago. (2nd pic)



N. reinwardtiana. This is a new arrival. Hopefully it resumes activity quicky :)

N diatas. beautiful! this pitcher opened a week ago and I can't wait for more.


A little P. emarginata flower to change it up :)


Some Cephs that are doing tremendously!




N. ramispina. One cool little nep!



A little purpurea


N veitchii x platychila 1st pitcher from this beauty since acclimated!
from this :


to this:


Hope you enjoyed the pictures. That is all for now! :rookwoot:
holy crap!! I haven't been giving you proper credit.. I'm rather jealous.
Thanks Mass! I'm just trying to get my CP on is all. Every time a pitcher inflates I get nothing but smiles and the urge to move forward! They are a quite the add on to my other various plants I grow. Stay tuned! :)
Wow, that veitchii x platychila is turning out to be one cute little dude! I almost wish I didn't give away mine... but I guess veitchii x boschiana is a good replacement anyway :p
All very nice plants. I like the N. ramispina :)
Everything looks Great! Thanks for sharing!!
Great setup! Everything looks thriving. Happen to have any pics of the whole grow room?
i dbl that mass i think im jelous as well.......cant wait to see pics of the new grow area Eric
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Rather pitcheresque!
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+1000 awesome points to you my friend. ;)
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Everything looks great! CAn't wait to see the grow room you build!
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The new room.

Man it is nice to come home from work and see all the nice comments :) I appreciate them very much! I am glad you enjoyed some of my offerings.
I know I yak on about building my room in the chat box,:crazy: but I also took a lot of notes from the guys with the bigger grow spaces...and now it is done.

Note the door is off for picture purposes. It is a white sliding door just in case you were wondering. :)

The room was built, minus the light, for $63.22. (lumber) I had most supplies on hand just sitting in the garage. The room is 6.5 feet wide, 7 feet long and 6 feet high. Definitely a low ceiling issue cause I am a little over 6 foot but I can deal with it. I put it together in little time but it seemed to take forever because I haven't a lot of days off so I had to steal a hour or 2 here and there to get er done. It is very sturdy, It can support me laying on the bin tables and I am 205 lbs.

The light is a 8 bulb t5 HO from Hydrofarm. I am used to using air cooled metal halides but didn't want to deal with venting heat and such so I went with the High output flouro's. This is the first time dealing with flouro's this large and in charge and I like the spread I am getting over the main grow bed. I will also be adding another 6 bulb t5 ho to cover the side bed as well when the time comes. I find working under these lights heats up the top of your dome pretty fast but not hair sizzling fast like you get working under Mh's.
I have been monitoring the temps down there and I see that heat isn't going to be a problem. This part of my basement I used for my wine making hobby. It never strays from 60-70 percent humidity, 50-55 in the winter, 65 in the dead heat of summer. I didn't see the need to hook up the blowers for ventilation, for now.
The trays you see in the pics are on rails so you can take them out and slide them around when needed. This makes moving them out when doing the cleaning regimen a breeze, plus keeps overrun pots from leaking everywhere.
Anything I missed let me know! :bigthumpup:






This is the side bed. Hard to tell what it is.

Some supplies


The white pine board you see in the pic on the right is a mock up for a white piece of corian countertop that I have that is going to go the length of that side. Debating on whether or not to frame it in yet. Also, some more shelving and strip lights for my Ping collection :)


Thanks for looking! :rookwoot:
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That is insanely awesome......seriously.....I'm considering making one of these myself! :-O
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Why thank you gents. :) It will only improve from here on out!
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Looks great! Like the setup. I have a feeling your going to run out of room really quick. I build it 10X larger then I need it and I end up still needing more room! :grin: Looks good though man. :clap:You can always add a metal wire frame rack when you need more room.
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Thanks frill! I wish I could build more but I built to the max specs because of water pipes! Hopefully by fall I will Stumble upon a nice glass 4 season room that will attach to the side of the house. Come late spring when the ground firms I will get outside and pour some footers. But that's another project. More things will be moved in tonight such as a heater and a humidifier. Plus I need to get the climate contol cycling tonight as well. I love it!
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Beautiful plants and very nice room. You're def getting your CP on:p.
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Oh wow. THIS. This is what I want to do. Pure envy.

Looks great, good job.