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YOU BUILT THAT!?!?! Wanna come over and build me one? I'll pay ya!

Looks GREAT! Take more pics when you get the plants in.
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Looking very good.
Kinda similar to what i imagine my bedroom to look like in the future :D
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Thanks Mass. The plants have been in for a little while now. They responded immediately to the new conditions! I will throw some updates up ASAP! :0o:

@Tali - I always thought your bedroom would be a comparison to the Amazon Rain forest!
Here are a few.
N. ventricosa x truncata (king of spades)

This pitcher is looking rather large and in charge since opening. Peristome is flaring and is a thing of beauty. :)

Here is a Exotic Lady pitcher about to become something nice I hope!


Thanks for coming by :)
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updates? That's two friggin' pics!! I WANT MORE!! Let's see the entire room. I LOVED how you had tray tables. Ingenious!
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Come on man! I am up at work! I will get them up tonight for you. Whole room and all!
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That vent X kos is a very handsome plant!
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I've tried that same acu*rite model, they dont seem to hold up to the high humidity levels for long.... the LCD display starts dying one section at a time. I went with a different brand and no more issues....

Nice setup BTW..
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Thanks for swinging by Thez and Av8tor. I noticed that this thing was on its last legs as I took the picture! This morning it was reading 179 degrees night time high. I picked up another brand at the store when I was stocking up on my big ol bags of chunky perlite. I will see how it fares!
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Wow great little room there! But tell me you didn't put it all together with just that one little hand screwdriver there on the shelf! :lol:
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Haha! I would have forearms the size of popeye's if I used that tiny screwdriver! I used a screw gun. That screwdriver helped me get a little leverage on some screw eyelets so I could drive them nice and deep to hang the light on them. Still have to add some things as I go but that's part of the fun!
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quick little update for you before I slouch off to bed. I tried to get most of what I could in the pic at times but there is a lot in there!




Fully Flared and looking pretty now :)

Exotic lady pitcher keeps growing. (Used the same gauge to show the growth!)


Some pings.


Check out this guy I found a little bit ago ;)

N. northiana starting to unfurl a new leaf. One little pitcher has started to open a lid as well.

Couple Cephs that popped some lids withiin the last few days.

This was a rare sight. I actually seen this pitcher pop right before my eyes last night while working in the room. I swear it was the single most exciting thing to happen so far! Look at the green lips :banana2:


More to come. Hope you enjoy!
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Thanks tali! I did some rearranging last night to get ready for some shelves and also started mapping out my terrarium setup that is going to go underneath the side table. It will be the home for some future heli's.
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Woah..that purple ceph with the green lip is CRAZY! :0o:
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Ohh, very nice indeed! I really like that ceph, and the Exotic Lady is going to be a showstopper!
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looking better every time i see it. keep it up. awesome job my friend.
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Some room wake up pics :)

Flytrap that needs to go outside if it ever gets warm enough.



D. scorpiodes getting bigger.


Cephalotus seeds just pulled out of stratification. Hope I get some germination.


S. purpurea that is looking pretty.


nice little drosera unfurling



Here is the Half in the coffin hamata I recieved. As you can see, Doctor nerd and his moss blanket has nursed this baby back to shape! Starting to get it's first green leaf.:)


My N.glabrata. Seems to like me.



New N.maxima 'lake poso' pitcher opening up.


N. copelandii opened another pitcher! and now the new growth point has finally started to emerge.


Finally the N. exotic lady has opened. It is more beautiful than I had hoped for. Finally got around to taking some pics of it.



Thanks for taking a look. :awesome:
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very exotic indeed :banana2:
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Thanks for the update! Everything is looking great