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Here are a few pictures of my terrarium. It currently houses the following: N. alata, ampullaria 'Harlequin', 'Black Knight', sanguinea, singalana, ventricosa, ventricosa x N. spathulata, D. binata "multifida extrema", and D. tokaiensis.




Some kind of strange moss growing in my N. 'Black Knight' container. It looks like a more stringy and slimy version of live sphagnum moss:


Here is my fishbowl Drosera terrarium. It currently has D. nidiformis, D. spatulata, D. venusta, and D. x 'transvaal':


My Ceph's have grown quite a bit since I've started feeding freeze dried bloodworms every couple weeks. They also enjoy the coffee treatment:


P. moranensis, P. pirouette, and P. jaumavensis growing in a turtle ashtray:

nice,so the ceph likes the coffee,was gonna give it a go myself ,
I've only done some very light experimentation with the Ceph coffee treatments. 2 Tablespoons of cold coffee once a month in the last 4 months. My plant is a 'typical' but it now produces pitchers that are slightly bigger than my thumb. Mind you this could simply be a result of the plant naturally maturing. I haven't had much experience with growing the other Ceph cultivars.
Wow nice I love the way you have your nepenthes and the others. Kinda looks like japanese setup.
Nice little Ceph carpet.
roman tyrant i think cephs can take a bit of fert,i have a ceph leaf pulling that tripled in size in only a few months after ferting once a month with half strength orchid fert ,it was very slow before,it was to the roots too
It's been a while since I've added a picture of my terrarium. Here it is now after a few months of regular monthly coffee treatments and very minimal feeding using freeze dried bloodworms. I've changed things up a bit. Most of my Nepenthes are lowlanders or hybrids. I still haven't added grow lights but they seem to be doing great in the summer sun. Inside temps go up in the lower 80s and 90s in the late afternoon and early evening.


My terrarium is already starting to get quite crowded. Flower stems and tendrils are creeping out of the ventilation openings.
Wow, everything looks great, looks like you're in need of a larger terrarium! Are you growing your ceph as a windowsill plant, or did you just move it for the picture?
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My Ceph is still on the Windowsill. It's just out of frame. It's even denser now but not too much different.


Yeah, I really underestimated just how much space Nepenthes need. Lots of pitchers are bumping up against the glass and the Sphagnum is starting to get really dense in some areas. The lowland species seem to especially like these crowded, humid conditions. My N. Ampullaria 'Harlequin' and N. mirabalis have had there leaf sizes quadruple in size. Sadly, the small H. ampullaria "Green" I received in a trade, died a few weeks ago from unknown causes. I regret not getting something bigger but I simply lack space for a really large terrarium. I'm going to have to just trim things back now.
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Keep an eye out on your local craigslist, I've seen aquariums of significant size go for a couple hundred. They devalue after use, nobody can get back what they paid for them. I used to grow in an 150 gallon (tall, not wide) tank that could handle the height of flowering vines and mature plants. Even something like that would suit you possibly permanently if you didn't expand your collection too much more, and were willing to cut down vines that got too tall after a while.

For the mean time...square pots! I underestimated how much more space I could make, (and how many more plants I could fit) in my growing area and am now switching everything over slowly. I've been using Hydrofarm square white pots, http://www.ecogrow.com/5-x-5-square-white-pot-7-tall-each-p-966.html once I saw them at a local hydroponics store. They're great because they're taller than wide....even more space!