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  1. Zath

    I like toitels.

    Got incredibly lucky yesterday, and found this little guy struggling to get across four lanes of highway. How he made it as far as he did is a miracle. Tbh I didn't even know what it was when I saw it in the car. I've never seen a turtle this small, and thought it was a particularly slow lizard...
  2. hcarlton

    Herpetology Field Trip!

    Went on a 4 day trip over Labor Day weekend to the Comanche National Grasslands for herpetology class, and basically spent a whole weekend looking for reptiles. Wasn't the only thing we found, of course, but more on that in a moment. First, the start of the trip: Day 1 A herd of pronghorn on...
  3. PitcherPlantr

    Mackinac and Emmet County, Michigan

    Last year I took a trip to the northern portion of Michigan and the southern portion of Upper Peninsula. On the trip I encountered various carnivorous plants and orchids. Emmet County (Day 1): The first site was quite unique compared to similar sites I have been to. All of these plants...
  4. N

    Turtle help please!

    Ok so to make it short my house mate brought in a turtle of hers and well sadly now the shell does not look healthy and is actually cracking and lifting up. She does not have money for a vet to see him so im posting photos here to see if any of you guys might have an idea as to what might be...
  5. Acro

    For Trade: Fish and Turtles

    Fish and turtles up for trade! Be sure to check out my extensive want/trade list at the bottom. Feel free to make offers, ask questions. Thanks! Two male Red Eared Sliders, they are yearlings at about 4". Take them separate or together. Turtle 1: Beautiful "sunset orange" markings. Turtle...
  6. L

    light fixture for this setup

    Hey guys, you may have seen my post earlier asking if anyone was interested in donating plants for a nature education and conservation center. I'm happy to say that I did receive a few responses and so far one person was generous enough to send a handful of Drosera plans for each of the kids...
  7. Acro

    Trade: Something Different

    I have something different to trade and I am looking for something different in return. :D Anyone interested in Fish or Reptiles? Here is what I have to offer: Albino Bristlenose Plecos Bristlenose plecos are wonderful aquarium fish. They stay small (about 4 to 5 inches) and love to eat...
  8. Cthulhu138

    Bog - Eastern Massachusetts

    Today Greg (East_to_West) and I took a trip to a bog here in Eastern Mass. Enjoy...... Bog shot. Some sphagnum. A male spotted turtle we found on the trail. Some really cool looking mushrooms. Sarracenia purpure purpurea - Some of the plants growing along the trail were green...
  9. N

    Setting up a new terrarium - watering (and other) advice requested

    I received a terrarium for Christmas last year and, I'm embarrassed to say, am just getting around to setting it up now. It's got an elegant design, and I've worked out how I want the inside laid out, but could use some help figuring out how to best water the plants. Other suggestions...
  10. hcarlton

    Surprise visitor

    Went out into my backyard to water raspberries, and guess what I found? Box turtles are quite possibly endangered here in CO, so this is not a common sight. I hope he sticks around for a while. It's a love turtle! :D JK ~hcarlton
  11. P

    New girl in my fair city, and her name is Thelma and Louise!

    The San Antonio zoo has a new resident, a two headed turtle named Thelma and Louise...
  12. Roman Tyrant

    My tropical terrarium and windowsill plants.

    Here are a few pictures of my terrarium. It currently houses the following: N. alata, ampullaria 'Harlequin', 'Black Knight', sanguinea, singalana, ventricosa, ventricosa x N. spathulata, D. binata "multifida extrema", and D. tokaiensis. Some kind of strange moss growing in my N. 'Black...
  13. pretty

    Boxy, the Box Turtle

    warning, my photo's are LAME compared to everyone else's. Hi, thought I'd share my barren terrarium in which resides my Boxy. He won't eat fruit or veggies, only insects- any tips? I've had to force feed him in the past. Since he woke up last week he's only been eating meal worms and gold...
  14. olive84

    olive84 Grow list

    Dionaea muscipula : Regular (type) Akai Ryu Big trap red pirhanna Sawtooth all green Red line South west giant G10 Dingley giant Clone H13 "Blood red arced traps" Clone Z05 "All red", traps and petoles all dark purple (MK) "UK Sawtooth 2" Dentate Shark Tooth Clayton's Volcanic...
  15. C

    Hi! I have a question about my yellow-bellied slider (aka turtle).

    Hi TF! I have a question about my turtle (Sammy), a yellow bellied slider! I have a 10 gallon tank for him, but he is growing very fast. he is almost the size of 1 1/4 hockey pucks. We also have a el-vheapo filter for him. I was wondering if any of you awesome people out there could let me know...
  16. P

    Reptile supplies three Turtle Vitashell, Fluker's Crickets, Wardley Reptile P. Sticks

    Hola! At a yard sale awhile back I bought an aquarium lid and a box o' stuff to get some fish food for my gambusia. The lid turned out to be broken, so that went into the garbage, and the other items I have been using since then. Some of this I either cannot use, or I have to grind up in some...
  17. Peatmoss

    A few photos from the local reptile depository/zoo

    Good day, Just checking back in to see what is up on TF, broke my all time record for staying off this website, by staying off for three days... On my way to being able to survive on my own. :-O Won't be back on for a while again after this. Trying to go a whole week now! :-D Anyways, I...
  18. UnstuckinTime

    Interested in getting a tortoise

    Hey fellow herp-owners, For the past few months, I've been thinking of buying myself a tortoise as a college graduation present, which won't be for a year anyway. I've been looking into getting a mediterranean species, either the Greek, Russian, or Hermann's. I'd need to work the exact...
  19. rattler

    for the dinosaur nuts, new one found in Utah

    just got this press release from the Museum of the Rockies BOZEMAN – A Montana State University paleontologist and graduate student are part of a research team that unveiled a new species of raptor dinosaur on Monday, Sept. 19. MSU doctoral student Mike Knell found the fossil in southern Utah...
  20. Wire Man

    Wire Man's grow list

    Cephalotus -follicularis -'Brewer's Red' Dionaea -typical -Onslow County, NC rescues -'Big Mouth' x ? -'Bristle Tooth' -'Czech Giant' -'Dentate' -'FTS Crimson Sawtooth' -'FTS Maroon Monster' -'Jaws' x '1955' -'Royal Red' Drosera -capillaris Onslow County, NC -capillaris Escambia County, FL...