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light fixture for this setup

Hey guys, you may have seen my post earlier asking if anyone was interested in donating plants for a nature education and conservation center. I'm happy to say that I did receive a few responses and so far one person was generous enough to send a handful of Drosera plans for each of the kids take home.
Initially the idea was to set up a small shelf with a tray of assorted plants for the kids to interact with. Now my supervisor has shown interest in making a small terrarium instead as it would blend in with the themed rainforest more than a metal rack. I'm putting together a few ideas so we can work out a budget and I hoping you all could recommend a lighting setup.

I'm looking at the Exoterra 24” long x 18” deep x 12/18 tall (front/back) turtle tank in order to make something similar to this (although not nearly as elaborate Im sure)


Could you please recommend a light fixture for this setup? Both something budget minded and something mid level if possible.
If I was putting this together I would use the same DIY kit I used for this http://www.terraforums.com/forums/s...rm-LED-Experiment-with-a-few-Cephs?highlight=

I'm also using that kit here http://www.terraforums.com/forums/s...ller-Terrariums-Talk-me-out-of-it!?highlight=

and on the bottom shelf of this rack http://www.terraforums.com/forums/s...lotus-grow-space-would-love-input!?highlight=

Please keep in mind not all LEDs are created equal and the ones you can get at your local chain pet store will likely not be anywhere near as bright.
That really interesting, If it were my own setup and I had the time I would probably go with a kit like that. This however needs to be something a little more business friendly.